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Issue No.02 - March-April (2012 vol.38)
pp: 478-496
Fabio A. Schreiber , Dipt. di Elettron. e lnformazione, Politec. di Milano, Milan, Italy
Romolo Camplani , Dipt. di Elettron. e lnformazione, Politec. di Milano, Milan, Italy
Marco Fortunato , Dipt. di Elettron. e lnformazione, Politec. di Milano, Milan, Italy
Marco Marelli , Dipt. di Elettron. e lnformazione, Politec. di Milano, Milan, Italy
Guido Rota , Dipt. di Elettron. e lnformazione, Politec. di Milano, Milan, Italy
A declarative SQL-like language and a middleware infrastructure are presented for collecting data from different nodes of a pervasive system. Data management is performed by hiding the complexity due to the large underlying heterogeneity of devices, which can span from passive RFID(s) to ad hoc sensor boards to portable computers. An important feature of the presented middleware is to make the integration of new device types in the system easy through the use of device self-description. Two case studies are described for PerLa usage, and a survey is made for comparing our approach with other projects in the area.
ubiquitous computing, data integration, information systems, middleware, software architecture, SQL, device self-description, PerLa, language architecture, middleware architecture, data management, data integration, pervasive information systems, declarative SQL-like language, data collection, passive RFID, ad hoc sensor boards, portable computers, Middleware, Monitoring, Software, Context, Wireless sensor networks, Databases, Hardware, wireless sensor networks., Declarative language, device heterogeneity, functionality proxy, middleware infrastructure, pervasive system, SQL
Fabio A. Schreiber, Romolo Camplani, Marco Fortunato, Marco Marelli, Guido Rota, "PerLa: A Language and Middleware Architecture for Data Management and Integration in Pervasive Information Systems", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol.38, no. 2, pp. 478-496, March-April 2012, doi:10.1109/TSE.2011.25
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