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Issue No.04 - July/August (2010 vol.36)
pp: 559-574
Noura Limam , POSTECH-Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang
Raouf Boutaba , University of Waterloo, Waterloo
The integration of external software in project development is challenging and risky, notably because the execution quality of the software and the trustworthiness of the software provider may be unknown at integration time. This is a timely problem and of increasing importance with the advent of the SaaS model of service delivery. Therefore, in choosing the SaaS service to utilize, project managers must identify and evaluate the level of risk associated with each candidate. Trust is commonly assessed through reputation systems; however, existing systems rely on ratings provided by consumers. This raises numerous issues involving the subjectivity and unfairness of the service ratings. This paper describes a framework for reputation-aware software service selection and rating. A selection algorithm is devised for service recommendation, providing SaaS consumers with the best possible choices based on quality, cost, and trust. An automated rating model, based on the expectancy-disconfirmation theory from market science, is also defined to overcome feedback subjectivity issues. The proposed rating and selection models are validated through simulations, demonstrating that the system can effectively capture service behavior and recommend the best possible choices.
Software as a service (SaaS), software selection, service utility, review and rating, trust and reputation, risk management, SLA monitoring.
Noura Limam, Raouf Boutaba, "Assessing Software Service Quality and Trustworthiness at Selection Time", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol.36, no. 4, pp. 559-574, July/August 2010, doi:10.1109/TSE.2010.2
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