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Issue No.10 - October (vol.11)
ISSN: 0098-5589
A.H. Konstam , Department of Computing and Information Sciences, Trinity University
pp. 994-1000
C.P. Kruskal , Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois
pp. 1001-1016
F. Panzieri , Suma-Sistemi vomo Macchina
pp. 1016-1032
R. Ford , Department of Computer Science, University of Iowa
pp. 1033-1037
Foreword (PDF)
pp. 1038-1039
A. Shoshani , Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California
pp. 1040-1047
M.A. Bassiouni , Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida
pp. 1047-1058
G. Ozsoyoglu , Department of Computer Engineering and Science, Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University
pp. 1071-1081
N.C. Rowe , Department of Computer Science
pp. 1081-1091
A.L.P. Chen , System Development Corporation
pp. 1097-1107
D.M. Topkis , Graduate School of Administration, University of California
pp. 1107-1112
J.P. Huang , Titan Systems, Incorporated
pp. 1113-1126
null Kwei-Jay Lin , Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
pp. 1126-1135
B. Szymanski , Department of Computer Science, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute
pp. 1136-1140
J.A. Stankovic , Department of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University
pp. 1141-1152
L.M. Ni , Department of Computer Science, Michigan State University
pp. 1153-1161
K.A. Lantz , Department of Computer Science, Stanford University
pp. 1162-1174
A.P. Sheth , Department of Computer and Information Science, Ohio State University
pp. 1174-1184
C.S. Raghavendra , Department of Electrical Engineering?Systems, University of Southern California
pp. 1184-1193
S.M. Shatz , Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Illinois
pp. 1193-1202
K. Garg , Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of Roorkee
pp. 1216-1225
M.T. Ozsu , Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
pp. 1225-1240
M.G. Gouda , Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas
pp. 1240-1251
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