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Issue No.01 - Jan.-Feb. (2014 vol.11)
pp: 16-29
Leandro Fiorin , Faculty of Lugano, Lugano
Mariagiovanna Sami , Politecnico di Milano, Milano
As the complexity of designs increases and technology scales down into the deep-submicron domain, the probability of malfunctions and failures in the networks-on-chip (NoCs) components increases. In this work, we focus on the study and evaluation of techniques for increasing reliability and resilience of network interfaces (NIs) within NoC-based multiprocessor system-on-chip architectures. NIs act as interfaces between intellectual property cores and the communication infrastructure; the faulty behavior of one of them could affect, therefore, the overall system. In this work, we propose a functional fault model for the NI components by evaluating their susceptibility to faults. We present a two-level fault-tolerant solution that can be employed for mitigating the effects of both permanent and temporary faults in the NI. Experimental simulations show that with a limited overhead, we can obtain an NI reliability comparable to the one obtainable by implementing the system by using standard triple modular redundancy techniques, while saving up to 48 percent in area, as well as obtaining a significant energy reduction.
Nickel, Circuit faults, Table lookup, Routing, Registers, Fault tolerance, Fault tolerant systems,high-level error models, Networks-on-chip, network interface, fault tolerance, reliability, online fault detection
Leandro Fiorin, Mariagiovanna Sami, "Fault-Tolerant Network Interfaces for Networks-on-Chip", IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, vol.11, no. 1, pp. 16-29, Jan.-Feb. 2014, doi:10.1109/TDSC.2013.28
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