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It has been an exciting, and sometimes stressful time so far in my tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC). TDSC has been blessed with rapid growth in it’s formative years attesting to the growing importance of our discipline. I anticipate this growth will be sustained over the next few years. Perhaps the biggest challenge for TDSC in this period is to encourage and manage this growth while improving and streamlining processing of the submission pipeline. It is my fond hope that TDSC will soon offer a gold standard of best practices in this regard, with the recognition that we have some way to go.

TDSC is one of the first IEEE Computer Society transactions to convert to the new OnlinePlus publication model starting in 2011. OnlinePlus is a hybrid of online and print, giving subscribers online access plus a printed abstracts book and a searchable interactive disk, that gives readers the flexibility of accessing content anywhere without needing to be online, all at a reduced cost. As one of the younger transactions, TDSC takes pride in being in the vanguard of this transition which will be effected for all IEEE Computer Society transactions in the coming years. Concurrent with this transition, TDSC will be moving to a bimonthly publication schedule from it’s current quarterly frequency, increasing it’s page budget as well. I am confident that soon enough TDSC will grow to a monthly publication.

Finally, I would like to announce a new thrust in TDSC editorial policy. TDSC seeks proposals for special themed issues tied to specific topics. The first of these on the topic of “Learning, Games, and Security” has been announced on the TDSC web site. Others are in development. A themed issue will put out a general call for papers along with a submission and publication schedule. The Guest Editors may solicit outstanding papers from conferences in the relevant area, subject to the normal TDSC requirements of meaningful technical novelty in submissions that extend previously published conference papers. They may also reach out to established researchers in the theme area to encourage submission. The field of Dependable and Secure Computing is vast in scope. The goal of the theme issues is to develop focus on topical areas within the discipline and bring an additional cadre of volunteers to TDSC’s mission of publishing high-quality research.

Ravi Sandhu


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