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The author of the paper “Visualization of Spatiotemporal Behavior of Discrete Maps via Generation of Recursive Median Elements,” which appeared in the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 378-384, Feb. 2010 [ 1], would like to point out that equation (15) on page 318 in [ 1] should have read as follows:

$$\eqalign{(N_\max)&=\max\big\{\big[\min\big(\lambda:X^{t+1}\subseteq (X^t\oplus\lambda B)\big)\big],\cr&\qquad\qquad\big[\min\big(\lambda:(X^{t+1}\ominus\lambda B)\subseteq X^t\big)\big]\big\}.}$$


The author would also like to point out that Table 3 and the first sentence following this table on page 383 in [ 1] should have read as follows:
Table 3
Hausdorff Distance Values

The lower the difference between the values of $\rho[M(X^t, X^{t+2}), X^{t+1}]$ or $\sigma[M(X^t,X^{t+2}),X^{t+1}]$ and $\rho(X^t,X^{t+1})$ or $\sigma(X^t,X^{t+1})$ is, the higher the degree of matching is.
The author is grateful to Raghvendra Sharma for finding these typo-errors while understanding the algorithm's description.

    The author is with the Systems Science and Informatics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute-Bangalore Centre, 8th Mile, Mysore Road, RV College PO, Bangalore 560059, India. E-mail:

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