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Issue No.09 - September (2011 vol.33)
pp: 1793-1805
Martin de La Gorce , Laboratoire MAS, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Chatenay-Malabry
David J. Fleet , University of Toronto, Toronto
Nikos Paragios , Laboratoire MAS, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Chatenay-Malabry and INRIA Saclay - Ile-de-France, Orsay
A novel model-based approach to 3D hand tracking from monocular video is presented. The 3D hand pose, the hand texture, and the illuminant are dynamically estimated through minimization of an objective function. Derived from an inverse problem formulation, the objective function enables explicit use of temporal texture continuity and shading information while handling important self-occlusions and time-varying illumination. The minimization is done efficiently using a quasi-Newton method, for which we provide a rigorous derivation of the objective function gradient. Particular attention is given to terms related to the change of visibility near self-occlusion boundaries that are neglected in existing formulations. To this end, we introduce new occlusion forces and show that using all gradient terms greatly improves the performance of the method. Qualitative and quantitative experimental results demonstrate the potential of the approach.
Hand tracking, model based shape from shading, generative modeling, pose estimation, variational formulation, gradient descent.
Martin de La Gorce, David J. Fleet, Nikos Paragios, "Model-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Monocular Video", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence, vol.33, no. 9, pp. 1793-1805, September 2011, doi:10.1109/TPAMI.2011.33
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