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Issue No. 07 - July (vol. 31)
ISSN: 0162-8828

Classification Based on Hybridization of Parametric and Nonparametric Classifiers (Abstract)

Probal Chaudhuri , Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Anil K. Ghosh , Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Hannu Oja , University of Tampere, Finland
pp. 1153-1164

Combining Slanted-Frame Classifiers for Improved HMM-Based Arabic Handwriting Recognition (Abstract)

Ramy Al-Hajj Mohamad , Lebanese International University, Beirut
Laurence Likforman-Sulem , TELECOM ParisTech/TSI, Paris
Chafic Mokbel , University of Balamand, Tripoli
pp. 1165-1177

A Constant-Time Algorithm for Finding Neighbors in Quadtrees (Abstract)

Kunio Aizawa , Shimane University, Matsue
Shojiro Tanaka , Shimane University, Matsue
pp. 1178-1183

Preprocessing of Low-Quality Handwritten Documents Using Markov Random Fields (Abstract)

Huaigu Cao , University at Buffalo, Amherst
Venu Govindaraju , University at Buffalo, Amherst
pp. 1184-1194

Context-Aware Visual Tracking (Abstract)

Ming Yang , Northwestern University, Evanston
Ying Wu , Northwestern University, Evanston
Gang Hua , Microsoft Research, Redmond
pp. 1195-1209

A Fast 2D Shape Recovery Approach by Fusing Features and Appearance (Abstract)

Jianke Zhu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Michael R. Lyu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Thomas S. Huang , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana
pp. 1210-1224

Minimum Distance between Pattern Transformation Manifolds: Algorithm and Applications (Abstract)

Effrosyni Kokiopoulou , Ecole Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausane, Lausanne
Pascal Frossard , Ecole Polytechnic Fédérale de Lausane, Lausanne
pp. 1225-1238

A Novel Algorithm for Detecting Singular Points from Fingerprint Images (Abstract)

Jie Zhou , Tsinghua University, Beijing
Fanglin Chen , Tsinghua University, Beijing
Jinwei Gu , Tsinghua University, Beijing
pp. 1239-1250

An O(N²) Square Root Unscented Kalman Filter for Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (Abstract)

Steven A. Holmes , University of Oxford, Oxford
Georg Klein , University of Oxford, Oxford
David W. Murray , University of Oxford, Oxford
pp. 1251-1263

Sign Language Spotting with a Threshold Model Based on Conditional Random Fields (Abstract)

Hee-Deok Yang , Korea University, Seoul
Stan Sclaroff , Boston University, Boston
Seong-Whan Lee , Korea University, Seoul
pp. 1264-1277

A Stochastic Filtering Technique for Fluid Flow Velocity Fields Tracking (Abstract)

Anne Cuzol , European University of Brittany-UBS, CNRS, UMR, France
Etienne Mémin , Centre INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu, France
pp. 1278-1293

Supervised Learning of Quantizer Codebooks by Information Loss Minimization (Abstract)

Svetlana Lazebnik , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill
Maxim Raginsky , Duke University, Durham
pp. 1294-1309

3D Shape Recovery of Smooth Surfaces: Dropping the Fixed-Viewpoint Assumption (Abstract)

Yael Moses , The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzeliya
Ilan Shimshoni , University of Haifa, Haifa
pp. 1310-1324

A New Distance Measure for Model-Based Sequence Clustering (Abstract)

Darío García-García , University Carlos III of Madrid, Madrid
Emilio Parrado Hernández , University Carlos III of Madrid, Madrid
Fernando Díaz-de María , University Carlos III of Madrid, Madrid
pp. 1325-1331

Generalized Risk Zone: Selecting Observations for Classification (Abstract)

R.T. Peres , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) , Rio de Janeiro
C.E. Pedreira , Federal University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ), Rio de Janeiro
pp. 1331-1337

A Novel Feature Selection Methodology for Automated Inspection Systems (Abstract)

Hugo C. Garcia , L3, Electro-Optical Systems, Tempe
Jesus Rene Villalobos , Arizona State University, Tempe
Rong Pan , Arizona State University, Tempe
George C. Runger , Arizona State University, Tempe
pp. 1338-1344
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