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Issue No.06 - June (2008 vol.30)
pp: 1003-1013
In this paper, a geometry-based image retrieval system is developed for multi-object images. We model both shape and topology of image objects using a structured representation called curvature tree (CT). The hierarchy of the CT reflects the inclusion relationships between the image objects. To facilitate shape-based matching, triangle-area representation (TAR) of each object is stored at the corresponding node in the CT. The similarity between two multi-object images is measured based on the maximum similarity subtree isomorphism (MSSI) between their CTs. For this purpose, we adopt a recursive algorithm to solve the MSSI problem and a very effective dynamic programming algorithm to measure the similarity between the attributed nodes. Our matching scheme agrees with many recent findings in psychology about the human perception of multi-object images. Experiments on a database of 13500 real and synthesized medical images and the MPEG-7 CE-1 database of 1400 shape images have shown the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Shape, Size and shape, Hierarchical
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