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Issue No.03 - March (2013 vol.12)
pp: 424-433
Xin Ming Zhang , Sch. of Comput. Sci. & Technol., Univ. of Sci. & Technol. of China, Hefei, China
En Bo Wang , Sch. of Comput. Sci. & Technol., Univ. of Sci. & Technol. of China, Hefei, China
Jing Jing Xia , Sch. of Comput. Sci. & Technol., Univ. of Sci. & Technol. of China, Hefei, China
Dan Keun Sung , Dept. of Electr. Eng., Korea Adv. Inst. of Sci. & Technol., Daejeon, South Korea
Due to high mobility of nodes in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), there exist frequent link breakages which lead to frequent path failures and route discoveries. The overhead of a route discovery cannot be neglected. In a route discovery, broadcasting is a fundamental and effective data dissemination mechanism, where a mobile node blindly rebroadcasts the first received route request packets unless it has a route to the destination, and thus it causes the broadcast storm problem. In this paper, we propose a neighbor coverage-based probabilistic rebroadcast protocol for reducing routing overhead in MANETs. In order to effectively exploit the neighbor coverage knowledge, we propose a novel rebroadcast delay to determine the rebroadcast order, and then we can obtain the more accurate additional coverage ratio by sensing neighbor coverage knowledge. We also define a connectivity factor to provide the node density adaptation. By combining the additional coverage ratio and connectivity factor, we set a reasonable rebroadcast probability. Our approach combines the advantages of the neighbor coverage knowledge and the probabilistic mechanism, which can significantly decrease the number of retransmissions so as to reduce the routing overhead, and can also improve the routing performance.
probability, mobile ad hoc networks, routing performance, neighbor coverage based probabilistic rebroadcast, routing overhead, mobile ad hoc networks, MANET, frequent link breakage, route discovery, data dissemination mechanism, mobile node blindly rebroadcast, route request packet, coverage based probabilistic rebroadcast protocol, rebroadcast order, connectivity factor, node density adaptation, coverage ratio, reasonable rebroadcast probability, probabilistic mechanism, Delay, Routing protocols, Broadcasting, Routing, Mobile computing, Probabilistic logic, routing overhead, Mobile ad hoc networks, neighbor coverage, network connectivity, probabilistic rebroadcast
Xin Ming Zhang, En Bo Wang, Jing Jing Xia, Dan Keun Sung, "A Neighbor Coverage-Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol.12, no. 3, pp. 424-433, March 2013, doi:10.1109/TMC.2011.277
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