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Issue No.06 - June (2011 vol.10)
pp: 783-796
Andrea Bondavalli , University of Florence, Florence
Ossama Hamouda , LAAS-CNRS, University of Toulouse, Toulouse
Mohamed Kaâniche , LAAS-CNRS, University of Toulouse, Toulouse
Paolo Lollini , University of Florence, Florence
Istvan Majzik , Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest
Hans-Peter Schwefel , Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien, Austria and Aalborg University, Aalborg
Dealing with large, critical mobile systems and infrastructures where ongoing changes and resilience are paramount leads to very complex and difficult challenges for system evaluation. These challenges call for approaches that are able to integrate several evaluation methods for the quantitative assessment of QoS indicators which have been applied so far only to a limited extent. In this paper, we propose the holistic evaluation framework developed during the recently concluded FP6-HIDENETS project. It is based on abstraction and decomposition, and it exploits the interactions among different evaluation techniques including analytical, simulative, and experimental measurement approaches, to manage system complexity. The feasibility of the holistic approach for the analysis of a complete end-to-end scenario is first illustrated presenting two examples where mobility simulation is used in combination with stochastic analytical modeling, and then through the development and implementation of an evaluation workflow integrating several tools and model transformation steps.
Computer systems organization, communication/networking and information technology, mobile computing, mobile communication systems, computing methodologies, simulation, modeling, and visualization, model development, modeling methodologies, computer applications, mobile applications, pervasive computing.
Andrea Bondavalli, Ossama Hamouda, Mohamed Kaâniche, Paolo Lollini, Istvan Majzik, Hans-Peter Schwefel, "The HIDENETS Holistic Approach for the Analysis of Large Critical Mobile Systems", IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol.10, no. 6, pp. 783-796, June 2011, doi:10.1109/TMC.2010.222
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