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Issue No.07 - July (2012 vol.24)
pp: 1186-1200
Yi Liu , Center for Speech & Language Technol., Tsinghua Nat. Lab. for Inf. Sci. & Technol., Beijing, China
Web databases generate query result pages based on a user's query. Automatically extracting the data from these query result pages is very important for many applications, such as data integration, which need to cooperate with multiple web databases. We present a novel data extraction and alignment method called CTVS that combines both tag and value similarity. CTVS automatically extracts data from query result pages by first identifying and segmenting the query result records (QRRs) in the query result pages and then aligning the segmented QRRs into a table, in which the data values from the same attribute are put into the same column. Specifically, we propose new techniques to handle the case when the QRRs are not contiguous, which may be due to the presence of auxiliary information, such as a comment, recommendation or advertisement, and for handling any nested structure that may exist in the QRRs. We also design a new record alignment algorithm that aligns the attributes in a record, first pairwise and then holistically, by combining the tag and data value similarity information. Experimental results show that CTVS achieves high precision and outperforms existing state-of-the-art data extraction methods.
query processing, data integration, Internet, record alignment algorithm, tag similarity, value similarity, data alignment, Web databases, automatic data extraction, data integration, CTVS, query result records, Data mining, Databases, Image color analysis, HTML, Web sites, information integration., Data extraction, automatic wrapper generation, data record alignment
Yi Liu, "Combining Tag and Value Similarity for Data Extraction and Alignment", IEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering, vol.24, no. 7, pp. 1186-1200, July 2012, doi:10.1109/TKDE.2011.66
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