State of the Transactions Editorial

Beng Chin

Pages: pp. 1-1

It has been a year since I assumed the role of TKDE Editor-in-Chief, and I would like to review the progress made in the past year, and present to you my future plans.

As outlined in my first EIC Editorial in January 2009, I have made conscious efforts to bring onto the editorial board well-established researchers from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and areas of strengths. Among the 18 new associate editors, and a few additional ones who will be joining us soon, are colleagues from Australia, China, India, Japan, and Korea, in addition to those from Europe and North America. I will continue to search for highly qualified editors who are committed and dedicated in handling the review process. In the past year, 19 associate editors have completed their terms or stepped down. Therefore, we have almost the same number of editors as before.

Paper submissions have increased by 5 percent from about 690 to about 730. As it is our goal to improve the quality of the journal, we have meanwhile substantially lowered the acceptance rate. Many papers that are out of the scope of TKDE were administratively rejected. I have also run random checks on submissions using cross-checking software, and have rejected a number of papers whose authors did not declare prior work clearly. When authors do not state prior work clearly, reviewers cannot evaluate submissions fairly, especially in terms of novelty and significance of the contributions.

With the dedication of the associate editors and more aggressive administrative rejections, we have reduced the turnaround time of first reviews from seven months to 4.4 months. I hope to further shorten the turnaround time, and call on the cooperation of authors, reviewers, and associated editors to do so.

To further improve the coverage of the journal, I have sought the help of established researchers to run special issues, such as the forthcoming “Cloud Data Management” and “Keyword Search.” I have also worked with the Steering Committee of the IEEE ICDE (International Conference of Data Engineering) to publish extended versions of its best papers each year as a special issue of TKDE. The first special issue, which will include the best papers of ICDE ’09, will appear soon. I have also individually invited authors to submit experimental and survey articles. It is my hope that the timeliness and appeal of the research topics as well as the raised quality of the papers will together improve the readership and impact of TKDE.

In the new year, I plan to further enhance the editorial board as well as the quality and composition of papers. In this regard, I hope to have your continued support as a good journal will benefit us all, especially our graduate students.

I would like to express my appreciation to all the associate editors, guest editors, reviewers, and authors for their hard work, understanding, and support. Thank you very much.

Beng Chin Ooi


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