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Issue No.02 - Second (2012 vol.5)
pp: 109-119
Joseph M. Romano , University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Katherine J. Kuchenbecker , University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Modern haptic interfaces are adept at conveying the large-scale shape of virtual objects, but they often provide unrealistic or no feedback when it comes to the microscopic details of surface texture. Direct texture-rendering challenges the state of the art in haptics because it requires a finely detailed model of the surface's properties, real-time dynamic simulation of complex interactions, and high-bandwidth haptic output to enable the user to feel the resulting contacts. This paper presents a new, fully realized solution for creating realistic virtual textures. Our system employs a sensorized handheld tool to capture the feel of a given texture, recording three-dimensional tool acceleration, tool position, and contact force over time. We reduce the three-dimensional acceleration signals to a perceptually equivalent one-dimensional signal, and then we use linear predictive coding to distill this raw haptic information into a database of frequency-domain texture models. Finally, we render these texture models in real time on a Wacom tablet using a stylus augmented with small voice coil actuators. The resulting virtual textures provide a compelling simulation of contact with the real surfaces, which we verify through a human subject study.
Haptic texture rendering, virtual reality, data-driven modeling, high-frequency vibrations.
Joseph M. Romano, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, "Creating Realistic Virtual Textures from Contact Acceleration Data", IEEE Transactions on Haptics, vol.5, no. 2, pp. 109-119, Second 2012, doi:10.1109/TOH.2011.38
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