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Time flies. “Our records show that Ed Colgate’s term as the EIC for IEEE Transactions on Haptics is up for reappointment next year. This is a friendly reminder to you so that you can do what’s necessary to begin the reappointment process.” This was a message that I received last September from Hilda Carman, IEEE Computer Society’s Associate Manager, Peer Review & Periodical Administration. Indeed, Professor Colgate of Northwestern University was appointed as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the transactions in January 2008, and we were near the end of the second year for his three-year appointment.

In view of the fact that Professor Colgate has been doing a wonderful job, the Transactions Management Committee sought his intention for serving the second term. We were very glad to know that he was very much interested in that. Following the EIC Selection Guidelines, feedback on Professor Colgate’s reappointment was solicited from all participating societies starting in December 2009. With excellent comments received from participating societies and the Management Committee’s own evaluation, Professor Colgate was unanimously approved by the Management Committee at its 24 March 2010 meeting held at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the second three-year term as the EIC of IEEE Transactions on Haptics starting 1 January 2011. Please join us in congratulating him on his excellent achievements thus far and on his reappointment as the EIC. Trust that with his vision, dedication, and leadership plus the support of the Editorial Board, all of the authors and reviewers, and the IEEE Computer Society staff, we will see the growing impact, status, and contributions of the transactions to the field of haptics.

The IEEE Transactions on Haptics is cosponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, the Computer Society, and the Consumer Electronics Society.

Peter B. Luh, University of Connecticut

Chair of the Management Committee, IEEE Transactions on Haptics

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