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Issue No.01 - January-March (2010 vol.3)
pp: 37-47
Katsunari Sato , The University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Kazuto Kamiyama , The University of Electro Communications, Tokyo
Naoki Kawakami , The University of Tokyo, Tokyo
Susumu Tachi , Keio University, Yokohama City
It is believed that the use of haptic sensors to measure the magnitude, direction, and distribution of a force will enable a robotic hand to perform dexterous operations. Therefore, we develop a new type of finger-shaped haptic sensor using GelForce technology. GelForce is a vision-based sensor that can be used to measure the distribution of force vectors, or surface traction fields. The simple structure of the GelForce enables us to develop a compact finger-shaped GelForce for the robotic hand. GelForce that is developed on the basis of an elastic theory can be used to calculate surface traction fields using a conversion equation. However, this conversion equation cannot be analytically solved when the elastic body of the sensor has a complicated shape such as the shape of a finger. Therefore, we propose an observational method and construct a prototype of the finger-shaped GelForce. By using this prototype, we evaluate the basic performance of the finger-shaped GelForce. Then, we conduct a field test by performing grasping operations using a robotic hand. The results of this test show that using the observational method, the finger-shaped GelForce can be successfully used in a robotic hand.
Force sensor, surface traction field, finger shape, robotic hand.
Katsunari Sato, Kazuto Kamiyama, Naoki Kawakami, Susumu Tachi, "Finger-Shaped GelForce: Sensor for Measuring Surface Traction Fields for Robotic Hand", IEEE Transactions on Haptics, vol.3, no. 1, pp. 37-47, January-March 2010, doi:10.1109/TOH.2009.47
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