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Issue No.02 - Feb. (2013 vol.19)
pp: 201-209
L. Glondu , orange IRISA, INRIA Rennes, Rennes, France
M. Marchal , orange IRISA, INRIA Rennes, Rennes, France
G. Dumont , orange IRISA, INRIA Rennes, Rennes, France
We present a novel physically based approach for simulating realistic brittle fracture of impacting bodies in real time. Our method is mainly composed of two novel parts: 1) a fracture initiation method based on modal analysis, and 2) a fast energy-based fracture propagation algorithm. We propose a way to compute the contact durations and the contact forces between stiff bodies to simulate the damped deformation wave that is responsible for fracture initiation. As a consequence, our method naturally takes into account the damping properties of the bodies as well as the contact properties to simulate the fracture. To obtain a complete fracture pipeline, we present an efficient way to generate the fragments and their geometric surfaces. These surfaces are sampled on the edges of the physical mesh, to visually represent the actual fracture surface computed. As shown in our results, the computation time performances and realism of our method are well suited for physically based interactive applications.
modal analysis, brittle fracture, damping, mechanical contact, fracture surface, real-time simulation, brittle fracture, modal analysis, physically based interactive application, fracture initiation, energy-based fracture propagation algorithm, contact duration, contact force, stiff bodies, damped deformation wave, damping property, contact property, fracture pipeline, fragment, geometric surface, Surface cracks, Computational modeling, Real time systems, Force, Materials, Stress, Modal analysis, modal analysis, Physical simulation, brittle fracture
L. Glondu, M. Marchal, G. Dumont, "Real-Time Simulation of Brittle Fracture Using Modal Analysis", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.19, no. 2, pp. 201-209, Feb. 2013, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2012.121
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