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Issue No.12 - Dec. (2012 vol.18)
pp: 2295-2304
Nathaniel Fout , University of California, Davis
Kwan-Liu Ma , University of California, Davis
In this work, we address the problem of lossless compression of scientific and medical floating-point volume data. We propose two prediction-based compression methods that share a common framework, which consists of a switched prediction scheme wherein the best predictor out of a preset group of linear predictors is selected. Such a scheme is able to adapt to different datasets as well as to varying statistics within the data. The first method, called APE (Adaptive Polynomial Encoder), uses a family of structured interpolating polynomials for prediction, while the second method, which we refer to as ACE (Adaptive Combined Encoder), combines predictors from previous work with the polynomial predictors to yield a more flexible, powerful encoder that is able to effectively decorrelate a wide range of data. In addition, in order to facilitate efficient visualization of compressed data, our scheme provides an option to partition floating-point values in such a way as to provide a progressive representation. We compare our two compressors to existing state-of-the-art lossless floating-point compressors for scientific data, with our data suite including both computer simulations and observational measurements. The results demonstrate that our polynomial predictor, APE, is comparable to previous approaches in terms of speed but achieves better compression rates on average. ACE, our combined predictor, while somewhat slower, is able to achieve the best compression rate on all datasets, with significantly better rates on most of the datasets.
Floating-point arithmetic, Polynomials, Entropy coding, Data visualization, Image coding, Data models, floating-point compression, Volume compression, lossless compression
Nathaniel Fout, Kwan-Liu Ma, "An Adaptive Prediction-Based Approach to Lossless Compression of Floating-Point Volume Data", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.18, no. 12, pp. 2295-2304, Dec. 2012, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2012.194
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