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Issue No.05 - May (2012 vol.18)
pp: 797-809
Pak Chung Wong , Pacific Northwest Nat. Lab., Richland, WA, USA
H. Foote , Pacific Northwest Nat. Lab., Richland, WA, USA
P. Mackey , Pacific Northwest Nat. Lab., Richland, WA, USA
G. Chin , Pacific Northwest Nat. Lab., Richland, WA, USA
Zhenyu Huang , Pacific Northwest Nat. Lab., Richland, WA, USA
J. J. Thomas , Pacific Northwest Nat. Lab., Richland, WA, USA
We introduce an information visualization technique, known as GreenCurve, for large multivariate sparse graphs that exhibit small-world properties. Our fractal-based design approach uses spatial cues to approximate the node connections and thus eliminates the links between the nodes in the visualization. The paper describes a robust algorithm to order the neighboring nodes of a large sparse graph by solving the Fiedler vector of its graph Laplacian, and then fold the graph nodes into a space-filling fractal curve based on the Fiedler vector. The result is a highly compact visualization that gives a succinct overview of the graph with guaranteed visibility of every graph node. GreenCurve is designed with the power grid infrastructure in mind. It is intended for use in conjunction with other visualization techniques to support electric power grid operations. The research and development of GreenCurve was conducted in collaboration with domain experts who understand the challenges and possibilities intrinsic to the power grid infrastructure. The paper reports a case study on applying GreenCurve to a power grid problem and presents a usability study to evaluate the design claims that we set forth.
vectors, curve fitting, data visualisation, graph theory, power engineering computing, power grids, usability study, space-filling visualization technique, multivariate small-world graphs, GreenCurve technique, multivariate sparse graph, small-world property, fractal-based design approach, spatial cue, node connection, visualization node, Fiedler vector, Laplacian graph, space-filling fractal curve, power grid infrastructure, electric power grid operation, domain expert, power grid problem, Data visualization, Laplace equations, Power grids, Layout, Fractals, Sparse matrices, Partitioning algorithms, visualization techniques and methodologies., Data and knowledge visualization, information visualization
Pak Chung Wong, H. Foote, P. Mackey, G. Chin, Zhenyu Huang, J. J. Thomas, "A Space-Filling Visualization Technique for Multivariate Small-World Graphs", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.18, no. 5, pp. 797-809, May 2012, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2011.99
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