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Editor’s Note

Ming C.

Pages: pp. 353-353

The success of a journal relies heavily on the quality of submissions and of their reviews. The later is primarily the work and efforts of the associate editors and the anonymous reviewers. The dedication of associate editors and of external reviewers is essential to the continuing growth of the journal. To recognize these “unsung heroes” who drive the scientific peer review process for IEEETransactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics ( TVCG), it is my pleasure to introduce two new TVCG annual awards: the Best Associate Editor Award and the Best Reviewer Award.

For 2011, three Associate Editors (AEs) stood out for their laudable efforts and hard work: Ronan Boulic, Min Chen, and Anthony Steed. They handled the most number of submissions efficiently with the quickest turnaround (averaging between 25-50 days) and provided consistently high-quality and thoughtful AE summaries to the authors. In recognizing their distinguished service to TVCG, the 2011 TVCG Best Associate Editor Award goes to Ronan Boulic, Min Chen, and Anthony Steed.

For 2011, three external reviewers deserve special mentioning for their excellent contribution in supporting the TVCG review process: Tao Ju, Ronald Peikert, and Yiying Tong. They have reviewed the highest numbers of submissions among nearly 1,000 reviewers for TVCG in 2011 within the shortest review time, while offering detailed and constructive comments that significantly improved the final published manuscripts. To thank them for their outstanding work, TVCG presents the 2011 TVCG Best Reviewer Award to Tao Ju, Ronald Peikert, and Yiying Tong.

There are many more associate editors and reviewers whose work and commitment to the scientific peer review process is commendable and not mentioned here. TVCG will continue to present these new awards to recognize them in the future years. At this time, I would like to express my personal gratitude for all the members of the TVCG Editorial Board and members of the computer graphics and visualization community for your support and commitment to the peer review process. Effective, fair, and timely review of scientific work is absolutely critical for a vibrant and healthy technical forum to publish important and ground-breaking innovation.

Ming C. Lin


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