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Issue No.11 - November (2011 vol.17)
pp: 1624-1636
Mathias Eitz , Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin
Kristian Hildebrand , Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin
Tamy Boubekeur , Telecom ParisTech - CNRS, Paris
Marc Alexa , Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin
We introduce a benchmark for evaluating the performance of large-scale sketch-based image retrieval systems. The necessary data are acquired in a controlled user study where subjects rate how well given sketch/image pairs match. We suggest how to use the data for evaluating the performance of sketch-based image retrieval systems. The benchmark data as well as the large image database are made publicly available for further studies of this type. Furthermore, we develop new descriptors based on the bag-of-features approach and use the benchmark to demonstrate that they significantly outperform other descriptors in the literature.
Image/video retrieval, image databases, benchmarking.
Mathias Eitz, Kristian Hildebrand, Tamy Boubekeur, Marc Alexa, "Sketch-Based Image Retrieval: Benchmark and Bag-of-Features Descriptors", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.17, no. 11, pp. 1624-1636, November 2011, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2010.266
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