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Issue No.05 - May (2011 vol.17)
pp: 557-569
Steffen Koch , University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Harald Bosch , University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Mark Giereth , University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Thomas Ertl , University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Patents are of growing importance in current economic markets. Analyzing patent information has, therefore, become a common task for many interest groups. As a prerequisite for patent analysis, extensive search for relevant patent information is essential. Unfortunately, the complexity of patent material inhibits a straightforward retrieval of all relevant patent documents and leads to iterative, time-consuming approaches in practice. Already the amount of patent data to be analyzed poses challenges with respect to scalability. Further scalability issues arise concerning the diversity of users and the large variety of analysis tasks. With "PatViz,” a system for interactive analysis of patent information has been developed addressing scalability at various levels. PatViz provides a visual environment allowing for interactive reintegration of insights into subsequent search iterations, thereby bridging the gap between search and analytic processes. Because of its extensibility, we expect that the approach we have taken can be employed in different problem domains that require high quality of search results regarding their completeness.
Visual analytics, graphical user interfaces, information search and retrieval.
Steffen Koch, Harald Bosch, Mark Giereth, Thomas Ertl, "Iterative Integration of Visual Insights during Scalable Patent Search and Analysis", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.17, no. 5, pp. 557-569, May 2011, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2010.85
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