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A Message from the New Editor-in-Chief

Ming C.

Pages: pp. 263-263

It is a distinct honor and privilege to serve as the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics ( TVCG), one of the most outstanding scientific journals in computing. I consider this position not only as an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of our top scientific journal in computer graphics, visualization, and virtual reality, but equally important as my duty to serve my colleagues and the IEEE in return for all the benefits I have enjoyed as an author and a researcher. The success of TVCG is due to the cumulative efforts and dedication of previous EICs, Arie Kaufmann, Hans Hagen, David Ebert, and Thomas Ertl, as well as a wonderful team of TVCG Associate Editors, reviewers, and the IEEE Computer Society’s (CS) supporting staff. I am grateful for their excellent work and hope to maintain and possibly improve the high standards already achieved by them. I would also like to thank the TVCG EIC Search Committee and the IEEE CS Publication Board for giving me this excellent opportunity to serve the community in this capacity.

As TVCG becomes a fully electronic publication in 2011 and with the ongoing open-access movement, digital publications inevitably present new financial challenges for all journals and magazines. The readers and authors of TVCG are welcome to suggest new ideas on how TVCG can provide more customized services to better meet the needs of the research communities and individual readers. Under the leadership of former EICs David Ebert and Tom Ertl, TVCG has led the way in “integrating conference and journal publications” by publishing the proceedings of IEEE Vis and InfoVis as a special issue of TVCG. I will continue to evaluate the suitability of adapting this publication model for other conferences, especially those sponsored by the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee (VGTC). Furthermore, the review cycle for TVCG in recent years has shortened to less than 3 months for making the first decision, becoming competitive with the conference review cycle. Moreover, the early availability of accepted TVCG submissions via Preprints and RapidPosts through the IEEE CS Digital Library makes the accepted works available and ready to be referenced within days. I will strive to maintain and uphold the effectiveness and efficiency of the TVCG review and electronic publication process. I will further motivate the members of the editorial board and reviewers by recognizing their hard work and dedication and promoting active involvements within the community. TVCG will also find innovative means to best showcase the latest research results that appear in TVCG through OnlinePlus, homepage feature articles, podcasts, etc. I strongly encourage the readers, the authors, and the reviewers of TVCG to stay involved, submit the best works to TVCG, and take advantage of the wide array of services and benefits that TVCG has to offer.

Finally, as I iterate the success that TVCG has achieved in the past few years, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Tom Ertl, with whom I have worked closely over the last four years and from

whom I have learned a great deal during this period. I will continue to rely on him, as well as Arie Kaufmann, Hans Hagen, and David Ebert for their advice. I will also appreciate feedback and suggestions from the TVCG Editorial Board members and the graphics and visualization community to further improve TVCG in all aspects. I look forward to serving an exciting and productive term as the Editor-in-Chief of TVCG.

Ming C. Lin


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