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Issue No.05 - September/October (2010 vol.16)
pp: 791-801
Keqin Wu , Mississippi State University, Starkville
Zhanping Liu , Kitware, Inc., Clifton Park
Song Zhang , Mississippi State University, Starkville
Robert J. Moorhead II , Mississippi State University, Starkville
This paper presents a new streamline placement algorithm that produces evenly spaced long streamlines while preserving topological features of a flow field. Singularities and separatrices are extracted to decompose the flow field into topological regions. In each region, a seeding path is selected from a set of streamlines integrated in the orthogonal flow field. The uniform sample points on this path are then used as seeds to generate streamlines in the original flow field. Additional seeds are placed where a large gap between adjacent streamlines occurs. The number of short streamlines is significantly reduced as evenly spaced long streamlines spawned along the seeding paths can fill the topological regions very well. Several metrics for evaluating streamline placement quality are discussed and applied to our method as well as some other approaches. Compared to previous work in uniform streamline placement, our method is more effective in creating evenly spaced long streamlines and preserving topological features. It has the potential to provide both intuitive perception of important flow characteristics and detail reconstruction across visually pleasing streamlines.
Evenly spaced streamlines, flow topology, flow visualization, seeding strategy, streamline placement.
Keqin Wu, Zhanping Liu, Song Zhang, Robert J. Moorhead II, "Topology-Aware Evenly Spaced Streamline Placement", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.16, no. 5, pp. 791-801, September/October 2010, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2009.206
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