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Issue No.02 - March/April (2009 vol.15)
pp: 221-234
Benjamin Mora , University of Wales Swansea, Swansea
Ross Maciejewski , Purdue University, West Lafayette
Min Chen , University of Wales Swansea, Swansea
David S. Ebert , Purdue University, West Lafayette
The availability of commodity volumetric displays provides ordinary users with a new means of visualizing 3D data. Many of these displays are in the class of isotropically emissive light devices, which are designed to directly illumi-nate voxels in a 3D frame buffer, producing X-ray-like visu-alizations. While this technology can offer intuitive insight into a 3D object, the visualizations are perceptually different from what a computer graphics or visualization system would render on a 2D screen. This paper formalizes rendering on isotropically emissive displays and introduces a novel technique that emulates traditional rendering effects on isotropically emissive volumetric displays, delivering results that are much closer to what is traditionally rendered on regular 2D screens. Such a technique can significantly broaden the capa-bility and usage of isotropically emissive volumetric displays. Our method takes a 3D dataset or object as the input, creates an intermediate light field, and outputs a special 3D volume dataset called a lumi-volume. This lumi-volume encodes approximated rendering effects in a form suitable for display with accumulative integrals along unobtrusive rays. When a lumi-volume is fed directly into an isotropically emissive volumetric display, it creates a 3D visualization with [...]
Picture/Image Generation, Raster display devices, Viewing algorithms, Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism
Benjamin Mora, Ross Maciejewski, Min Chen, David S. Ebert, "Visualization and Computer Graphics on Isotropically Emissive Volumetric Displays", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol.15, no. 2, pp. 221-234, March/April 2009, doi:10.1109/TVCG.2008.99
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