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Guest Editors' Introduction: Special Section on Mathematics and Visualization

Hans-Christian Hege
Konrad Polthier

Pages: pp. 497-498

About the Authors

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Hans-Christian Hege is head of the Scientific Visualization Department at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). After studying physics and mathematics, he performed research in computational physics and quantum field theory at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin (1984-1989). Then, he joined ZIB, initially as a scientific consultant for high performance computing, then as head of the Scientific Visualization Department, which he started in 1991. His group performs research in data visualization and creates visualization software, e.g., the Amira software. He is also cofounder of mental images (1986) and of Indeed-Visual Concepts GmbH (1999), which he built up as CEO (-2003) and for which he now consults as a scientific advisor. He served as a program committee member for IEEE Visualization (VIS), Eurographics-IEEE Symposium on Visualization (VisSym), the Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), and the Symposium on Point Based Graphics (PGB). He regularly lectures at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain) and the German Film School (University for Digital Media Production) in Elstal, where he became an honorary professor of scientific visualization in 2003. His current research interests are in visual data analysis and computer graphics as well as applications in natural and life sciences.
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Konrad Polthier received the PhD degree in mathematics from the University of Bonn and the Habilitation from Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin with work on "Polyhedral Surfaces of Constant Curvature." He is the scientist in charge of the key area "Visualization" at the DFG Research Center "Mathematics for key technologies" and head of the research group "Geometry and Visualization" at Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) (since 2004). His current interests are discrete and differential geometry, applied geometry, and mathematical visualization. He is on the editorial board of five mathematics journals, book, and video series. He has published several books, coauthored the award-winning mathematical software packages JavaView ( and Grape (European Academic Software Award in Mathematics), and produced computer generated mathematical videos. His videos were shown at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre and many other juried venues, including VideoMath at ICM '98, Sibgrapi, and NICOGRAPH.
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