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<p><b>Abstract</b>—This paper presents an algorithm to trace discrete straight lines in regular grids of any dimension. Most known line tracing algorithms have been developed in <tmath>${\hbox{\rlap{Z}\kern 2.0pt{\hbox{Z}}}}^{2}$</tmath> and <tmath>${\hbox{\rlap{Z}\kern 2.0pt{\hbox{Z}}}}^{3}$</tmath> orthogonal grids. The contribution of this paper is the definition of a method to trace lines in nonorthogonal grids in any dimension. This method is not restricted to being used with a specific grid connectivity as other widespread methods are. Good performance can be achieved because only additions are used during line tracing.</p>
Discrete line tracing, digital topology, discrete geometry.
Christian Roux, Luis Ibáñez, Chafiaâ Hamitouche, "A Vectorial Algorithm for Tracing Discrete Straight Lines in N-Dimensional Generalized Grids", IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics, vol. 7, no. , pp. 97-108, April-June 2001, doi:10.1109/2945.928163
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