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Issue No.03 - March (2013 vol.24)
pp: 439-449
Gabriel Scalosub , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva
Peter Marbach , University of Toronto, Toronto
Jörg Liebeherr , University of Toronto, Toronto
In many applications, the traffic traversing the network has interpacket dependencies due to application-level encoding schemes. For some applications, e.g., multimedia streaming, dropping a single packet may render useless the delivery of a whole sequence. In such environments, the algorithm used to decide which packet to drop in case of buffer overflows must be carefully designed, to avoid goodput degradation. We present a model that captures such interpacket dependencies, and design algorithms for performing packet discard. Traffic consists of an aggregation of multiple streams, each of which consists of a sequence of interdependent packets. We provide two guidelines for designing buffer management algorithms, and demonstrate their effectiveness. We devise an algorithm according to these guidelines and evaluate its performance analytically, using competitive analysis. We also perform a simulation study that shows that the performance of our algorithm is within a small fraction of the performance of the best known offline algorithm.
Algorithm design and analysis, Encoding, Streaming media, Degradation, Guidelines, System performance, Quality of service, quality of service, Buffer management, competitive analysis, FIFO, switch and router architecture
Gabriel Scalosub, Peter Marbach, Jörg Liebeherr, "Buffer Management for Aggregated Streaming Data with Packet Dependencies", IEEE Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems, vol.24, no. 3, pp. 439-449, March 2013, doi:10.1109/TPDS.2012.65
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