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Issue No.12 - Dec. (2012 vol.23)
pp: 2231-2244
Yan Zhu , Peking University, Beijing
Hongxin Hu , Arizona State University, Tempe
Gail-Joon Ahn , Arizona State University, Tempe
Mengyang Yu , Peking University, Beijing
Provable data possession (PDP) is a technique for ensuring the integrity of data in storage outsourcing. In this paper, we address the construction of an efficient PDP scheme for distributed cloud storage to support the scalability of service and data migration, in which we consider the existence of multiple cloud service providers to cooperatively store and maintain the clients' data. We present a cooperative PDP (CPDP) scheme based on homomorphic verifiable response and hash index hierarchy. We prove the security of our scheme based on multiprover zero-knowledge proof system, which can satisfy completeness, knowledge soundness, and zero-knowledge properties. In addition, we articulate performance optimization mechanisms for our scheme, and in particular present an efficient method for selecting optimal parameter values to minimize the computation costs of clients and storage service providers. Our experiments show that our solution introduces lower computation and communication overheads in comparison with noncooperative approaches.
Cloud computing, Servers, Distributed databases, Protocols, Indexes, Cryptography, Network security, cooperative, Storage security, provable data possession, interactive protocol, zero-knowledge, multiple cloud
Yan Zhu, Hongxin Hu, Gail-Joon Ahn, Mengyang Yu, "Cooperative Provable Data Possession for Integrity Verification in Multicloud Storage", IEEE Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems, vol.23, no. 12, pp. 2231-2244, Dec. 2012, doi:10.1109/TPDS.2012.66
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