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Issue No.02 - February (2012 vol.23)
pp: 211-218
Dineshbalu Balakrishnan , Research in Motion (RIM), Ottawa
Amiya Nayak , University of Ottawa, Ottawa
Due to the heterogeneity involved in smart interconnected devices, cellular applications, and surrounding (GPS-aware) environments there is a need to develop a realistic approach to track mobile assets. Current tracking systems are costly and inefficient over wireless data transmission systems where cost is based on the rate of data being sent. Our aim is to develop an efficient and improved geographical asset tracking solution and conserve valuable mobile resources by dynamically adapting the tracking scheme by means of context-aware personalized route learning techniques. We intend to perform this tracking by proactively monitoring the context information in a distributed, efficient, and scalable fashion. Context profiles, which indicate the characteristics of a route based on environmental conditions, are utilized to dynamically represent the values of the asset's properties. We designed and implemented an adaptive learning based scheme that makes an optimized judgment of data transmission. This manuscript is complemented with theoretical and practical evaluations that prove that significant costs can be saved and operational efficiency can be achieved.
Adaptable architectures, context awareness, distributed systems, mobile environments, personalization.
Dineshbalu Balakrishnan, Amiya Nayak, "An Efficient Approach for Mobile Asset Tracking Using Contexts", IEEE Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems, vol.23, no. 2, pp. 211-218, February 2012, doi:10.1109/TPDS.2011.128
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