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<p>We present two fast algorithms for sorting on a linear array with a reconfigurable pipelined bus system (LARPBS), one of the recently proposed parallel architectures based on optical buses. In our first algorithm, we sort N numbers in O(\log N\log\log N)worst-case time using N processors. In our second algorithm, we sort N numbers in O(\log\log N)^2) worst-case time using N^{1+\epsilon} processors, for any fixed \epsilon such that 0\epsilon1. Our algorithms are based on a novel deterministic sampling scheme for merging two sorted arrays of length N each in O(\log\log N) time on an LARPBS with N processors. To our knowledge, the previous best sorting algorithm on this architecture has a running time of O(\log N)^{2}) using N processors.</p>
reconfigurable bus, optical bus, pipelined communication, deterministic sampling, merging, sorting algorithm

R. Owens, S. Soundaralakshmi and A. Datta, "Fast Sorting Algorithms on a Linear Array with a Reconfigurable Pipelined Bus System," in IEEE Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems, vol. 13, no. , pp. 212-222, 2002.
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