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<p><b>Abstract</b>—In a multinode data sharing environment, different buffer coherency control schemes based on various lock retention mechanisms can be designed to exploit the concept of deferring the propagation or writing of dirty pages to disk to improve normal performance. Two types of deferred write polices are considered. One policy only propagates dirty pages to disk at the times when dirty pages are flushed out of the buffer under LRU buffer replacement. The other policy also performs writes at the times when dirty pages are transferred across nodes. The dirty page propagation policy can have significant implications on the database recovery time. In this paper, we provide an analytical modeling framework for the analysis of the recovery times under the two deferred write policies. We demonstrate how these policies can be mapped onto a unified analytic modeling framework. The main challenge in the analysis is to obtain the pending update count distribution which can be used to determine the average numbers of log records and data I/Os needed to be applied during recovery. The analysis goes beyond previous work on modeling buffer hit probability in a data sharing system where only the average buffer composition, not the distribution, needs to be estimated, and recovery analysis in a single node environment where the complexities on tracking the propagation of dirty pages across nodes and the buffer invalidation effect do not appear. A clipping mechanism can be employed to improve recovery time where the number of pending update on a dirty page is limited by forcing a dirty page to disk after the number of updates accumulated on this page exceeds a certain threshold. The analysis captures the effect of clipping also. Finally, we show the sensitivities of the recovery time and normal performance to the clipping count.</p>
Recovery analysis, deferred write, coupled systems, analytic modeling, transaction processing, database systems.

A. Jhingran, A. Dan and P. S. Yu, "Recovery Analysis of Data Sharing Systems under Deferred Dirty Page Propagation Policies," in IEEE Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems, vol. 8, no. , pp. 695-711, 1997.
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