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<p>Consideration is given to transforming depth p-nested for loop algorithms into q-dimensional systolic VLSI arrays where 1>or=q>or=p-1. Previously, there existed complete characterizations of correct transformation only for the cases where q=p-1 orq=1. This gap is filled by giving formal necessary and sufficient conditions for correct transformation of a p-nested loop algorithm into a q-dimensional systolic array for any q,1>or=q>or=p-1. Practical methods are presented. The techniques developed are applied to the automatic design of special purpose and programmable systolic arrays. The results also contribute toward automatic compilation onto more general purpose programmable arrays. Synthesis of linear and planar systolic array implementations for a three-dimensional cube-graph algorithm and a reindexed Warshall-Floyd path-finding algorithm are used to illustrate the method.</p>
Index Termsnecessary conditions; algorithm transformations; data dependence; matrix multiplication; parallel processing; nested loop algorithms; multidimensional systolic arrays; sufficient conditions; correct transformation; programmable systolic arrays; automatic compilation; general purpose programmable arrays; planar systolic array implementations; three-dimensional cube-graph algorithm; reindexed Warshall-Floyd path-finding algorithm; cellular arrays; graph theory; matrix algebra; parallel algorithms

Z. Kedem and P. Lee, "Mapping Nested Loop Algorithms into Multidimensional Systolic Arrays," in IEEE Transactions on Parallel & Distributed Systems, vol. 1, no. , pp. 64-76, 1990.
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