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Albert Y.

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Welcome to the January issue of TC. This is going to be another exciting year for us. In this issue I will share with you some of the developments that TC is undertaking.

During 2011, TC has maintained its position as a leading and prestigious publication in the field of Computing. The number of manuscript submissions (inclusive of Special Sections) was 872 papers (at the time of writing this editorial in November 2011). The number of papers published was 139 papers plus approximately 140 additional papers were posted online as preprints (with an acceptance rate around 23.6 percent). Going by the number of papers received to date, I can guarantee you that 2012 will be another successful year for TC.

The page budget stood at 1872 pages during 2011 which will be maintained at the same level in 2012. As a measure of overall timely review, over the last 12 months, the delay encountered from submission to first notification has been under three months. We are striving to improve this turnaround period and I am positive that this will be achieved due to the effort of the great team that we have. I would like to extend my gratitude to the wonderful team of Associate Editors, Guest Editors, reviewers and IEEE Computer Society staff. Of course, we cannot forget our loyal authors and readers. I thank you all for such a job well done!

A number of special sections have been published in 2011. TC does not publish special issues and the special sections are the mechanism used to enable the organization of mini special issues to publish on topical themes that are of importance to our readership. The themes covered in 2011 were Dependable Computer Architecture, Computer Arithmetic, Chips and Architectures for Emerging Technologies and Applications, Science of Design for Safety Critical Systems, and Concurrent On-Line Testing and Error/Fault Resilience of Digital Systems.

The organization of such special sections will continue in 2012. Information on the scheduled special sections appears on the journal’s homepage (please see I look forward to the participations of our community in these special sections.

In 2011, the TC celebrated its 60th anniversary. Many of our past and current volunteers joined in these celebrations. One of these activities was to publish quotes in the journal web page from researchers reminiscing about their involvement with the TC (see This page will remain active throughout 2012. So, please feel free to keep on sending me your congratulatory quotes and I will endeavor to have them published.

In late 2011, few of our Associate Editors concluded their tenure: Sonia Fahmy, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Sunil Khatri, Anna Lysyanskaya and Igor Markov. I would like to express our thanks to these colleagues for all their professionalism and hard work and wish them well with their future endeavors.

One last development that I would like share with you is our multimedia center (see that is an exciting new development that I would like to encourage you all to contribute to. We are hoping to grow our multimedia center in 2012 with the help our community.

Please feel free to send me your suggestions and recommendations. I welcome your ideas and suggestions on ways by which we can improve TC. I also look forward to receiving your technical submissions.

Albert Y. Zomaya


TC celebrated its 60th anniversary! We asked editorial board members to reflect on TC’s past 60 years. Below is what they had to say.

“This is the most prestigious journal I have been closely involved with and I’ll treasure this experience forever. Indeed, the 60th year is very special in many ways so this is a great opportunity to honor our profession and its future.”

Radu Marculescu

Carnegie Mellon University

“Congratulations, and great luck in leading IEEE TC, the first and still young computing journal, where the amazing development in the fields from the first computers, to the current computing technology, that surround all of us, has been and will be published.”

Shlomi Dolev, SMIEE

Rita Altura Trust Professor of Computer Sciences at Ben-Gurion

University of the Negev, and Chairman of the Governing Council of the Israeli Inter University

Computation Center, and also Head of the Frankel Center for Computer Sciences at Ben-Gurion University

“Congratulations for 60 years publishing outstanding innovation and research in computers”.

Elisardo Antelo

University of Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN

“Happy 60th Anniversary, IEEE Transactions on Computers! Congratulations to the technical computing community, and current Editor-in-Chief Albert Zomaya, for establishing TC as the premier venue for ground-breaking research results!”

David A. Bader

Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

“Congratulations to IEEE TC for 60 years publishing high-impact research in Computer Science and Engineering.”

Huapeng Wu, PhD, P.Eng, Associate Editor of IEEE TC

Associate Professor

Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Windsor

“Congratulations to IEEE Transactions on Computers for its premiere status and for the key historical role that it has played in the past 60 years. Also, thanks to those who, as EIC, steer the journal and to Professor Zomaya’s new leadership in this regard.”

Paul Fishwick

University of Florida

“Congratulations Transactions on Computers! Our flagship publication has reached the 60th birthday enjoying its leading position in the field of computing. I am looking forward to see it continuing on the same trajectory and contributing to excellence in research at the highest level, for other 60 years.”

Petru Eles


Linkoeping University

“60 years is no small milestone. Through the years, the pages of IEEE Transactions on Computers are filled with pioneers, leaders, and educators who helped to shape a field that we now take for granted. Being the flagship journal it is, I trust TC will continue to enlighten us, push the envelope, and shape a future.”

Michael S. Hsiao

Professor, Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering,

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA, 24061

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