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Issue No.07 - July (2011 vol.60)
pp: 937-950
Ehab Anis Daoud , McMaster University, Hamilton
Nicola Nicolici , McMaster University, Hamilton
The amount of data that is observed during at-speed silicon debug is limited by the capacity of the on-chip trace buffers. To increase the debug observation window, we propose a low-cost debug architecture for at-speed silicon debug based on lossy compression. The proposed architecture enables a new debug methodology that accelerates the identification of the erroneous samples that occur intermittently over a long observation window by avoiding debug experiments that capture only error-free data. The proposed solution is applicable to both automatic test equipment-based debug and in-field debug on application boards, as long as the debug experiments are repeatable and the reference data at the probe signals are deterministically computed using a fast behavioral model of the circuit under debug.
Silicon debug, observation window, lossy compression.
Ehab Anis Daoud, Nicola Nicolici, "On Using Lossy Compression for Repeatable Experiments during Silicon Debug", IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol.60, no. 7, pp. 937-950, July 2011, doi:10.1109/TC.2010.122
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