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Issue No. 07 - July (vol. 29)
ISSN: 0018-9340

IEEE Computer Society (PDF)

pp. c2

On the Complexity of Sorting in Magnetic Bubble Memory Systems (Abstract)

null Kin-Man Chung , Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois
pp. 553-563

The Parallel Recognition of Classes of Graphs (Abstract)

F.L. Van Scoy , Department of Computer Science, West Virginia University
pp. 563-570

An Optimal Worst Case Algorithm for Reporting Intersections of Rectangles (Abstract)

J.L. Bentley , Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics, Carnegie-Mellon University
pp. 571-577

A Dynamically Microprogrammable Computer with Low-Level Parallelism (Abstract)

H. Hagiwara , Department of Information Science, Kyoto University
pp. 577-595

Packet Broadcast Networks?A Performance Analysis of the R-ALOHA Protocol (Abstract)

S.S. Lam , Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas
pp. 596-603

Complex Number Arithmetic with Odd- Valued Logic (Abstract)

T.T. Dao , Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation
pp. 604-611

Optimization of Memory Hierarchies in Multiprogrammed Computer Systems With Fixed Cost Constraint (PDF)

S.T. Chanson , Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia
pp. 611-618

Fast Sorting Algorithms on Uniform Ladders (Multiple Shift-Register Loops) (Abstract)

F.Y. Chin , Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta
pp. 618-631

A Computation Model of Parallel Solution of Linear Equations (Abstract)

O. Wing , Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
pp. 632-638

Theory and Design of Mixed-Mode Sequential Machines (Abstract)

B.I. Dervisoglu , Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Computer Science Division, University of Connecticut
pp. 639-648

Polylogic Realization of Switching Functions (Abstract)

W.A. Porter , Department of Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University
pp. 657-659

Some Results Concerning Data Routing in Array Processors (Abstract)

C.R. Jesshope , Department of Computer Science, University of Reading
pp. 659-662

Complete Solution of Boolean Equations (Abstract)

M.A. Tapia , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Miami
pp. 662-665

Separating and Completely Separating Systems and Linear Codes (Abstract)

B. Bose , Department of Computer Science, Oregon State University
pp. 665-668

Testing by Feedback Shift Register (Abstract)

R. David , Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
pp. 668-673

Detection of Single Intermittent Faults in Sequential Circuits (Abstract)

J. Savir , IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
pp. 673-678

Compcon 80 fall (PDF)

pp. 678
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