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Issue No. 11 - November (vol. 27)
ISSN: 0018-9340

IEEE Computer Society (PDF)

pp. c2

A Digital Synthesis Procedure Under Function Symmetries and Mapping Methods (Abstract)

C.R. Edwards , School of Electrical Engineering, University of Bath
pp. 985-997

Some New Types of Logical Completeness (PDF)

S. Karunanithi , Memorex Corporation
pp. 998-1005

Processing by Data and Program Blocks (PDF)

M.R. Schaffner , National Center for Atmospheric Research
pp. 1015-1028

A Method to Simplify a Boolean Function into a Near Minimal Sum-of-Products for Programmable Logic Arrays (Abstract)

Z. Arevalo , Department of Electronic Engineering, Universidad Distrital
pp. 1028-1039

Error-Correcting Tree Automata for Syntactic Pattern Recognition (Abstract)

null Shin-Yee Lu , Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Syracuse University
pp. 1040-1053

When to Use Random Testing (Abstract)

V.D. Agrawal , Bell Laboratories
pp. 1054-1055

A Cellular Array for Multivalued Logic Functions (Abstract)

K.L. Kodandapani , Department of Computer Science, Wichita State University
pp. 1055-1059

An Efficient Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Symmetric Multiple Processor Architectures (Abstract)

G.G.L. Meyer , Department of Electrical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
pp. 1059-1063

Irredundant Normal Forms and Minimal Dependence Sets of a Boolean Function (Abstract)

C. Halatsis , Computer Center, Digital Systems Laboratory, NRC Democritos
pp. 1064-1068

On Multiple Operand Addition of Signed Binary Numbers (Abstract)

D.P. Agrawal , Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University
pp. 1068-1070

A Higher Radix Technique for Fault Detection in Many-Valued Multithreshold Networks (PDF)

A. Druzeta , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto
pp. 1070-1073

Minimal TANT Networks of Functions with DON'T CARE'S and Some Complemented Input Variables (Abstract)

H.A. Vink , Department of Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology
pp. 1073-1078

Decomposition of Polygons into Convex Sets (PDF)

B. Schachter , General Electric Co.
pp. 1078-1082

Analysis of Algorithms for the Evaluation of Monotonic Boolean Functions (Abstract)

Y. Breitbart , Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin
pp. 1083-1087

Distribution of Runs in Binary Words (Abstract)

R. Rom , FSI International
pp. 1087-1089

Call for Papers (PDF)

pp. 1089
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