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Issue No. 12 - December (vol. 23)
ISSN: 0018-9340

IEEE Computer Society (PDF)

pp. c2

Editor's Notice (PDF)

pp. 1217

Structure Automata (Abstract)

Y.A. Choueka , Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois
pp. 1218-1227

Equational Logic (PDF)

F.M. Brown , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Kentucky
pp. 1228-1237

Fan-In Constrained Tree Networks of Flexibe Cells (Abstract)

K. Chakrabarti , Gesellschaft f?r Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH
pp. 1238-1249

Message-Based Response Routing with Selcuk Networks (Abstract)

K.E. Sahin , University of Massachusetts
pp. 1250-1257

A Fortran Extension for Data Display (Abstract)

G. Locs , Central Research Institute for Physics
pp. 1257-1263

Digital Straight Line Segments (Abstract)

A. Rosenfeld , Computer Science Center, University of Maryland
pp. 1264-1269

An Analytic Response Time Model For Single-and Dual-Density Disk Systems (Abstract)

M.A. Franklin , Department of Electrical Engineering, Washington University
pp. 1269-1276

A Study of the Electrochemical Cell as a Storage Element for the Memory Access Gap (PDF)

T.J. Nelson , Electron Physics Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan
pp. 1277-1290

A Geometric Model for Stochastic Automata (Abstract)

F. Bancilhon , University of Michigan
pp. 1290-1299

Serial Binary Division by Ten (PDF)

R.L. Sites , Computer Science Department, Stanford University
pp. 1299-1301

Cyclic and Dyadic Shifts, Walsh-Hadamard Transform, and the H Diagram (Abstract)

K. Revuluri , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas
pp. 1303-1306

Self-Synchronized Asynchronous Sequential Machines (Abstract)

C.A. Rey , D?partement d'Informatique, Universite de Montreal
pp. 1306-1311

On an Approximation of Mutual Information (Abstract)

T. Vilmansen , Bell Northern Research
pp. 1311-1313

On the Use of Residue Arithmetic for Computation (Abstract)

D.K. Banerji , Department of Computer Science, University of Ottawa
pp. 1315-1317

Multiple Match Resolvers: A New Design Method (PDF)

G.A. Anderson , Systems and Research Center, Honeywell, Inc.
pp. 1317-1320

Fault-Tolerant Carry-Save Adders (Abstract)

D.K. Pradhan , Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
pp. 1320-1322

A Threshold Selection Technique (PDF)

J.S. Weszka , Computer Science Center, University of Maryland
pp. 1322-1326

Comments on "Cause-Effect Analysis for Multiple Fault Detection in Combinational Networks" (PDF)

C.D. Latino , Department of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
pp. 1326

Authors' Reply<sup>2</sup> (PDF)

D.C. Bossen , IBM Systems Development Division
pp. 1326-1327

Comments on "Parallel Processing Algorithms for the Optimal Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems" (PDF)

D. Tabak , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of the Negev
pp. 1327

Comments on "A Two's Complement Parallel Array Multiplication Algorithm" (PDF)

D. Kroft , Canadian Development Division, Control Data Canada Ltd.
pp. 1327-1328

B74-43 Evaluation and Measurement Techniques for Digital Computer Systems (PDF)

S.R. Kimbleton , Inform. Sci. Inst. Univ. of Southern California
pp. 1328-1329

B74-44 The Elements of Programming Style (PDF)

R.E. Griswold , Dep. Comput. Sci. Univ. Arizona
pp. 1329

B74-45 Computer-Communication Networks (PDF)

M.P. Ristenbatt , Univ. Michigan
pp. 1329-1330

B74-46 Pattern Recognition, Learning and Thought (PDF)

D.A. Michalopouos , Dep. Quantitative Methods and Comput. Sci. California State Univ.
pp. 1330
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