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Issue No. 05 - May (vol. 23)
ISSN: 0018-9340

IEEE Computer Society (PDF)

pp. c2

A Class of Push-Down Acceptors for Adjunct Languages (Abstract)

J.M. Hart , Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky
pp. 449-455

A Computer Algorithm for the Synthesis of Memoryless Logic Circuits (Abstract)

E. Cerny , Department of Electrical Engineering, Loyola College
pp. 455-465

An Algorithm for High-Speed Digital Filters (Abstract)

W.D. Little , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo
pp. 466-469

Image Restoration, Modelling, and Reduction of Dimensionality (PDF)

A.K. Jain , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
pp. 470-476

Techniques for the Transformation of Logic Equations (PDF)

H.C. Wehrfritz , Department of Controls and Instrumentation, Mohawk College
pp. 477-480

A Contextual Postprocessing System for Error Correction Using Binary n-Grams (Abstract)

E.M. Riseman , Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Massachusetts
pp. 480-493

Safe Asynchronous Sequential Circuits (Abstract)

R.S. Wickersham , Electronics Division, General Dynamics
pp. 494-500

Theory and Implementation of p-Multiple Sequential Machines (Abstract)

S.P. Kartashev , Department of Computer Science, University of Nebraska
pp. 500-523

Linearity Testing and Realization of Sequential Machines (Abstract)

A.S. Gupta , Centre of Advanced Study in Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta
pp. 524-528

Pattern Recognition by Convolution Polynomial (Abstract)

M.P. Remler , Departments of Medicine (Neurology) and Anatomy, University of North Carolina
pp. 528-530

Generation of All Closed Partitions on the State Set of a Sequential Machine (Abstract)

null Chao-Chih Yang , Department of Information Sciences, University of Alabama
pp. 530-533

A Generalized Pipeline Array (Abstract)

A.K. Kamal , Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, University of Roorkee
pp. 533-536

An Experimental Procedure for Handwritten Character Recognition (PDF)

A.K. Dutta , Electronics and Communication Sciences Laboratory, Indian Statistical Institute
pp. 536-545

A Binary Feature Extraction Technique (PDF)

K.S. Grewal , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas
pp. 545-549

Binary Noise Sources Incorporating Modulo-N Dividers (Abstract)

J.D. Boyes , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Auckland
pp. 550-552

On Minimally Testable Logic Networks (PDF)

K.K. Saluja , Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa
pp. 552-554

B 74-27 Program Test Methods (PDF)

W.A. Wulf , Dep. Comput. Sci. Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
pp. 555-556

B 74-29 Currents in the Theory of Computing (PDF)

R.P. Leinius , Oak Ridge Nat. Lab.
pp. 556-557

B 74-30 Foundation of the Theory of Learning Systems (PDF)

K.S. Fu , School of Elec. Eng. Purdue Univ.
pp. 557

B 74-31 Signals, Systems, and the Computer (PDF)

B.C. Kuo , Dep. Elec. Eng. Univ. of Illinois
pp. 557-558

B 74-32 Digital Design (PDF)

R.P. Voith , Dep. Elec. Eng. Univ. of Toledo
pp. 558-559

B 74-33 Peripheral Devices (PDF)

A.C.L. Barnard , Inform. Sci. Dep. Univ. Alabama
pp. 559

B 74-34 Fortran and Algol:A Programmed Course for Students of Science and Technology (PDF)

P. Freeman , Inform. Comput. Sci. Dep. Univ. California
pp. 559-560
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