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Issue No. 05 - May (vol. 22)
ISSN: 0018-9340

IEEE Computer Society (PDF)

pp. c2

Fast Hardware Fourier Transformation Through Counting (Abstract)

S. Zohar , Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
pp. 433-441

Applying Probability Measures to Abstract Languages (Abstract)

T.L. Booth , Computer Science Group, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut
pp. 442-450

On Symmetric Functions with Redundant Variables?Weighted Functions (Abstract)

B. Dahlberg , Systems Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
pp. 450-458

Some New Results on Average Worst Case Carry (Abstract)

B.E. Briley , Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
pp. 459-463

Analysis of an Information System Model with Transfer Penalties (Abstract)

T.C. Lowe , System Development Division, Systems and Services Company, Informatics, Inc.
pp. 469-480

The Anticipatory Control of a Cyclically Permutable Memory (Abstract)

C.K. Wong , IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
pp. 481-488

Synthesis of Diagnosable FET Networks (PDF)

M.R. Paige , General Research Corporation
pp. 513-516

Dynamic Programming for the Partitioning of Numerical Simulations with Hybrid Computer Applications (PDF)

J.R. Rowland , School of Electrical Engineering and Center for Systems Science, Oklahoma State University
pp. 516-523

Synthesis of Multiple-Input Change Asynchronous Circuits Using Transition-Sensitive Flip-Flops (Abstract)

J.G. Bredeson , Department of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
pp. 524-531

The Parallel Evaluation of Arithmetic Expressions Without Division (Abstract)

R. Brent , Computer Centre, Australian National University
pp. 532-534

Structured Storage AFA (Abstract)

A. Gabrielian , Computer Science Program, University of Southern California
pp. 534-537

How Big Should a Printed Circuit Board Be? (Abstract)

I.E. Sutherland , Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation
pp. 537-542

Author's Reply (PDF)

J.O. Eklundh , Research Institute of National Defense
pp. 543-544

On the Twiddling Factors (Abstract)

C.K. Yuen , Computer Centre, Australian National University
pp. 544-545

B73-9 Introduction to Computer Organization and Data Structures (PDF)

C.V. Ramamoorthy , Dep. Elec. Eng. and Comput. Sci. Univ. California
pp. 545-546

B73-10 Time Sharing Systems (PDF)

E. Gelenbe , Syst. Eng. Lab. Univ. Michigan
pp. 546

B73-11 Digital Circuits and Devices (PDF)

M. Faiman , Dep. Comput. Sci. Univ. Illinois
pp. 546-547

B73-12 Fault Detection in Digital Circuits (PDF)

S.Y.H. Su , Dep. Comput. and Inform. Sci. Case Inst. Technol. Case Western Reserve Univ.
pp. 547

Information for Authors (PDF)

pp. 548
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