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Issue No.02 - April-June (2011 vol.4)
pp: 85-95
Vladimir Stantchev , Berlin Institute of Technology, Berlin
Miroslaw Malek , Humboldt University at Berlin, Berlin
Dependability should be considered throughout the phases of the SOA life cycle. This article proposes the application of a service level management approach to address dependability and presents dependability-related activities for every stage (Model, Assemble, Deploy, and Manage) of the SOA life cycle. Furthermore, we describe the concepts and the formalisms that are behind these activities. Following these activities service providers and aggregators can offer optimized levels of dependability from their existing services and thus better meet user requirements.
Services computing, services lifecycle, services delivery platform and methodology, services engineering, service-oriented architecture, solution lifecycle.
Vladimir Stantchev, Miroslaw Malek, "Addressing Dependability throughout the SOA Life Cycle", IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, vol.4, no. 2, pp. 85-95, April-June 2011, doi:10.1109/TSC.2010.15
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