The Community for Technology Leaders
Winter Simulation Conference (1996)
Dec. 8, 1996 to Dec. 11, 1996
ISBN: 0-7803-3383-7

An introduction to simulation modeling (Abstract)

M.A. Centeno , Florida International University
pp. 15-22

Software for simulation (Abstract)

J. Banks , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 31-38

Discrete-event simulation input process modeling (Abstract)

L.M. Leemis , College of William & Mary
pp. 39-46

Statistical issues in simulation (Abstract)

W.D. Kelton , University of Cincinnati
pp. 47-54

Verifying and validating simulation models (Abstract)

R.G. Sargent , Syracuse University
pp. 55-64

Design of object-oriented simulations in C++ (Abstract)

J.A. Joines , North Carolina State University
pp. 65-72

Simulation of communications networks (Abstract)

A.M. Law , Averill M. Law and Associates
pp. 73-77

Introduction to sibiulation in health care (Abstract)

J.C. Lowery , VA Health Services
pp. 78-84

Introduction to manufacturing applications (Abstract)

G.M. Clark , Systems Solutions Inc.
pp. 85-92

Business process simulation (Abstract)

K. Tumay , CACI Products Company
pp. 93-98

Virtual reality and simulation (Abstract)

M. Barnes , Deneb Robotics, Inc.
pp. 101-110

So you want to be a simulation consultant (Abstract)

M. Barnes , AutoSimulations
pp. 111-113

Principles of conservative parallel simulation (Abstract)

D.M. Nicol , Dartmouth College
pp. 128-135

Perils and pitfalls of parallel discrete-event simulation (Abstract)

R.L. Bagrodia , University of California
pp. 136-143

Modeling with event graphs (Abstract)

A.H. Buss , Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 153-160

Adaptive protocols for parallel discrete event simulation (Abstract)

S.R. Das , The University of Texas at San Antonio
pp. 186-193

Selection of input models using bootstrap goodness-of-fit (Abstract)

R.C.H. Cheng , The University of Kent at Canterbury
pp. 199-206

Random variate generation in one line of code (Abstract)

Luc Devroye , McGill University
pp. 265-272

A comparison of perturbation analysis techniques (Abstract)

M.C. Fu , University of Maryland
pp. 295-301

Simulation based optimization (Abstract)

A. Shapiro , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 332-336

The restart/lre method for rare event simulation (Abstract)

C. Gorg , Aachen University of Technology
pp. 390-397

Variance property of discontinuous perturbation analysis (Abstract)

Leyuan Shi , University of Wisconsin
pp. 412-417

Fuzzy graph based metamodeling (Abstract)

K.-P. Huber , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 418-425

Introduction to work flow modeling with bpsimulator (Abstract)

D. Lazzari , Systems Modeling Corporation
pp. 429-431

Simulation for high-speed processing (Abstract)

D.T. Sturrock , Systems Modeling Corporation
pp. 432-436

Arena software tutorial (Abstract)

N.A. Markovitch , Systems Modeling Corporation
pp. 437-440

Medmodel - healthcare simulation software (Abstract)

D.F. Carroll , PROMODEL Corporation
pp. 441-446

Simmation modeling and optimization using promodel (Abstract)

D. Benson , PROMODEL Corporation
pp. 447-452

Simulation using GPSS/H (Abstract)

R.C. Crain , Wolverine Software Corporation
pp. 453-459

The power and performance of proof animation (Abstract)

J.O. Henriksen , Wolverine Software Corporation
pp. 460-467

An introduction to SLX/sup TM/ (Abstract)

J.O. Henriksen , Wolverine Software Corporation
pp. 468-475

Automod tutorial (Abstract)

M.W. Rohrer , AutoSimulations
pp. 500-505

Autosched tutorial (Abstract)

M.W. Rohrer , AutoSimulations
pp. 506-509

Advanced uses for micro saint simulation software (Abstract)

C.E. Drury , Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.
pp. 510-516

Csim18 - the simulation engine (Abstract)

H. Schwetman , Mesquite Software, Inc.
pp. 517-521

Business process modeling with simprocess (Abstract)

M. Binun , CACI Products Company
pp. 530-534

Conducting experiments with experiment manager (Abstract)

M. Angel , CACI Products, Inc.
pp. 535-541

Modsim III - a tutorial (Abstract)

A. Mullarney , CACI Products Company
pp. 542-546

Taylor II manufacturing simulation software (Abstract)

C.B. King , F&H Simulations, Inc.
pp. 569-573

Time machine--the dynamic worksheet (Abstract)

W.B. Nordgren , F&H Simulations, Inc.
pp. 574-577

Modeling with extend/sup TM/ (Abstract)

D. Krahl , Imagine That, Inc.
pp. 578-583

Expertfit: total support for simulation input modeling (Abstract)

A.M. Law , Averill M. Law and Associates
pp. 588-593

Logical process size in parallel simulations (Abstract)

Fang Hao , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 645-652

Event scheduling schemes for time warp on distributed systems (Abstract)

Eunmi Choi , Royal Institute of Technology
pp. 661-668

Model development and HCI (Abstract)

M. Pidd , Lancaster University
pp. 681-686

HCI and simulation packages (Abstract)

J. Kuljis , University of London
pp. 687-694

Five simple principles of modelling (Abstract)

M. Pidd , Lancaster University
pp. 721-728

Parameter identification methods for metamodeling simulations (Abstract)

D. Caughlin , Mission Research Corporation
pp. 756-763

Dynamic model abstraction (Abstract)

Kangsun Lee , University of Florida
pp. 764-771

Web-based simulation: some personal observations (Abstract)

P.A. Fishwick , University of Florida
pp. 772-779

Steps towards a better internal gpss mechanism (Abstract)

I. Stahl , Stockholm School of Economics
pp. 817-824

Hybrid high-level nets (Abstract)

R. Wieting , OFFIS
pp. 848-855

The judy theater surveillance and strike simulation model (Abstract)

D.R. Brouse , Science Applications International Corporation
pp. 867-870

Efficient data consistency in HLA/DIS++ (Abstract)

S. Srinivasan , Mystech Associates, Inc.
pp. 946-951

Enterprise modeling within an enterprise engineering framework (Abstract)

D.H. Liles , The University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 993-999

An overview of cim enterprise modeling methodologies (Abstract)

G. Kateel , Oklahoma State University
pp. 1000-1007

Manufacturing simulation consultant's forum (Abstract)

F.B. Armstrong , Transmission Technology Institute
pp. 1052-1056

Controlling activities in a virtual manufacturing cell (Abstract)

M. luliano , National Institute of Standards and Technology
pp. 1062-1067

An online, simulation-based patient scheduling system (Abstract)

H. Manansang , University of Washington
pp. 1170-1175

Design of hospital admissions scheduling system using simulation (Abstract)

J.C. Lowery , VA Health Services Research & Development Field Program
pp. 1199-1204

Use of simulation to test client-server models (Abstract)

Y.L. Deshpande , University of Western Sydney
pp. 1210-1217

Simulating a proposed information delivery system (Abstract)

R. Jenkins , Nine-West Group, Inc.
pp. 1218-1221

Simulator for the evaluation of distributed network-system performance (Abstract)

T. Komatsu , NTT Information and Communication Systems Laboratories
pp. 1222-1229

Multitasking and resequencing in a two-stage multiprocessing system (Abstract)

H.D. Karatza , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
pp. 1247-1251

Scheduling with simulation in the food & drinks industry (Abstract)

M. Novels , The ClMulation Centre Ltd
pp. 1252-1256

Valuation of potash reserves at the waste installation pilot plant (Abstract)

P.C. Anselmo , New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
pp. 1280-1286

Integrating process mapping and simulation (Abstract)

C.R. Harrell , Brigham Young University
pp. 1292-1296

Simulation of complex construction processes (Abstract)

P.G. Ioannou , University of Michigan
pp. 1321-1328

Smulation works: a panel discussion (Abstract)

W.R. Lilegdon , Pritsker Corporation
pp. 1337-1340

Modeling issues in a shipping system (Abstract)

E.J. Williams , Ford Motor Company
pp. 1353-1358

Modeling and analysis of aircraft offloading operations (Abstract)

S. Manivannan , Consolidated Freightways, Inc
pp. 1359-1366

Simulation-based supply-chain optimization for consumer products (Abstract)

D.R. Kalasky , Process Analysis & Improvement
pp. 1373-1378

Teaching the fundamentals of simulation in a very short time (Abstract)

I. Stahl , Stockholm School of Economics
pp. 1387-1394

Simulation-based learning tool for facilities design (Abstract)

B. Ram , North Carolina A&T State University
pp. 1413-1420

Simulation of the Illinois waterway locks system (Abstract)

D.B. Bandy , University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
pp. 1483-1487

Index (Abstract)

pp. 1489-1493
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