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Web Information Systems Engineering Workshops, International Conference on (2002)
Dec. 11, 2002 to Dec. 11, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1813-3
Workshop 1: Second International Workshop on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems (W2GIS 2002)

Frequent Update and Efficient Retrieval: an Oxymoron on Moving Object Indexes? (Abstract)

Beng Chin Ooi , National University of Singapore
Kian Lee Tan , National University of Singapore
Cui Yu , Monmouth University
pp. 3

G-Snake Double Transformation (GDT) Model for Semi-Automatic Registration of Internet Maps (Abstract)

Fiona Lee , National University of Singapore
Stéphane Bressan , National University of Singapore
pp. 13

Target3D : Interactive Visulaization over the World Wide Web (Abstract)

Flavien Brugiere , French Naval Academy
Philippe Clad , French Naval Academy
Rémy Thibaud , French Naval Academy
Peter L. Guth , United States Naval Academy
pp. 30

Participatory Decision-Making for Ecological Planning (Abstract)

Yibin Zhao , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hui Lin , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 40

VGE: A New Communication Platform for General Public (Abstract)

Hui Lin , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Jianhua Gong , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jinyeu Tsou , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yibin Zhao , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Zongyu Zhang , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
F. Benjamin Zhan , Southwest Texas State University
pp. 47

Web Locality Based Ranking Utilizing Location Names and Link Structure (Abstract)

Yohsuke Inoue , Department of Social Informatics
Ryong Lee , Department of Social Informatics
Hiroki Takakura , Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies
Yahiko Kambayashi , Department of Social Informatics
pp. 56

Bus Catcher: a Context Sensitive Prototype System for Public Transportation Users (Abstract)

Michela Bertolotto , University College Dublin, Ireland
Gregory O?Hare , University College Dublin, Ireland
Robin Strahan , University College Dublin, Ireland
Ailish Brophy , University College Dublin, Ireland
Alan Martin , University College Dublin, Ireland
Eoin McLoughlin , University College Dublin, Ireland
pp. 64

Design and Implementation of a WAP GIS Framework (Abstract)

Yue Li , National University of Singapore
Zhong Xie , China University of Geosciences
Zhiyong Huang , National University of Singapore
pp. 81

The Share-Loc Project: a WAP-based maritime location system (Abstract)

G. Desvignes , Naval Academy Research Institute
G. Lucas de Couville , Naval Academy Research Institute
E. Peytchev , The Nottingham Trent University
T. Devogele , Naval Academy Research Institute
S. Fournier , Naval Academy Research Institute
C. Claramunt , Naval Academy Research Institute
pp. 88

Design and Implementation of Map Visualization Objects in Component-based WebGIS (Abstract)

Yingwei Luo , Peking University
Xiaolin Wang , Peking University
Zhuoqun Xu , Peking University
pp. 95

Spatio-Temporal Information Integration in XML (Abstract)

Shanzhen Yi , National University of Singapore
Bo Huang , National University of Singapore
Weng Tat Chan , National University of Singapore
pp. 103
Workshop 2: International Workshop on Data Semantics in Web Information Systems (DASWIS 2002)

Ranking of Web Data in a Web Warehouse (Abstract)

Sanjay K. Mandria , University of Missouri-Rolla
Sourav S. Bhowmick , Nanyang Technological University
Kalpdrum Passi , Laurentian University
pp. 130

Information Concepts for Content Management (Abstract)

Michael Grossniklaus , Institute for Information Systems
Moira C. Norrie , Institute for Information Systems
pp. 150

Elegant Decision Tree Algorithm for Classification in Data Mining (Abstract)

B. Chandra , Indian Institute of Technology
Sati Mazumdar , University of Pittsburgh
Vincent Arena , University of Pittsburgh
N. Parimi , NSIT
pp. 160

Conceptual Modeling for Semistructured Data (Abstract)

Antonio Badia , University of Louisville
pp. 170

Discovering Associations in XML Data (Abstract)

Amnon Meisels , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Michael Orlov , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Tal Maor , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
pp. 178

Ontology-based Web Annotation Framework for HyperLink Structures (Abstract)

Myo-Myo Naing , Nanyang Technological University
Ee-Peng Lim , Nanyang Technological University
Dion Goh Hoe-Lian , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 184

An XML Specification Language to Support a Virtual Marketplace of Data Mining E-Services (Abstract)

S. Krishnaswamy , Monash University
E. P. See , Monash University
J. N. Ho , Monash University
W. Gunawan , Monash University
pp. 194
Web Mining Algorithms

A Matrix Approach for Hierarchical Web Page Clustering Based on Hyperlinks (Abstract)

Jingyu Hou , University of Southern Queensland
Yanchun Zhang , University of Southern Queensland
pp. 207

Evaluating Web Access Log Mining Algorithms: A Cognitive Approach (Abstract)

Yew-Kwong Woon , Nanyang Technological University
Wee-Keong Ng , Nanyang Technological University
Ee-Peng Lim , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 217

Two Odds-Radio-Based Text Classification Algorithms (Abstract)

Zhi-Hong Deng , Peking University
Shi-Wei Tang , Peking University
Dong-Qing Yang , Peking University
Ming Zhang , Peking University
Xiao-Bin Wu , Peking University
Meng Yang , Peking University
pp. 223
Log Mining

Mining Web Logs for Personalized Site Maps (Abstract)

Fergus Toolan , University College Dublin
Nicholas Kusmerick , University College Dublin
pp. 232

Log Mining to Improve the Performance of Site Search (Abstract)

Gui-Rong Xue , Shanghai Jiao-Tong University
Hua-Jun Zeng , Microsoft Research Asia
Zheng Chen , Microsoft Research Asia
Wei-Ying Ma , Microsoft Research Asia
Chao-Jun Lu , Shanghai Jiao-Tong University
pp. 238

On Enhancing Searching for Information in an Information Portal by Tracking Users? Activities (Abstract)

Nenad Stojanovic , University of Karlsruhe
Ljiljana Stojanovic , University of Karlsruhe
Jorge Gonzalez , University of Karlsruhe
pp. 246
Intelligent Web Search

Search for Flash<sup>TM</sup> Movies on the Web (Abstract)

Jun Yang , Dept. of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Qing Li , Dept. of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Liu Wenyin , City University of Hong Kong
Yueting Zhuang , Zhejiang University
pp. 257

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