The Community for Technology Leaders
Web Information Systems Engineering, International Conference on (2001)
Kyoto, Japan
Dec. 3, 2001 to Dec. 6, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1393-X
Semantic Issues

A Model for Web Spatial Data Integration (Abstract)

Christelle Vangenot , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
pp. 0005

Web-Based Inference Rules for Processing Conceptual Geographical Relationships (Abstract)

Taro Tezuka , Kyoto University
Ryong Lee , Kyoto University
Yahiko Kambayashi , Kyoto University
Hiroki Takakura , Kyoto University
pp. 0014

ISMART(tm) +i-Spatia(tm) - Information Server: Deploying Integrated Web-Based Spatial Applications within an Oracle Database Environment (Abstract)

Michela Bertolotto , University College Dublin
James Carswell , Dublin Institute of Technology
Liam McGeown , e-Spatial Solutions Limited
John McMahon , e-Spatial Solutions Limited
pp. 0033

Semantic and Interoperable WebGIS (Abstract)

Yi Shanzhen , Tsinghua University
Zhou Lizhu , Tsinghua University
Xing Chunxiao , Tsinghua University
Liu Qilun , Tsinghua University
Zhang Yong , Tsinghua University
pp. 0042

Representation and Display of Geospatial Information: A Comparison of ArcXML and SVG (Abstract)

Chaitan Baru , San Diego Supercomputer Center
Amit Behere , San Diego Supercomputer Center
Charles Cowart , San Diego Supercomputer Center
pp. 0048
Mobile Applications/Data Analysis

Accessing to Spatial Data in Mobile Environment (Abstract)

Arunas Stockus , University of La Rochelle
Alain Bouju , University of La Rochelle
Frederic Bertrand , University of La Rochelle
Patrice Boursier , University of La Rochelle
pp. 0057

Developing GIS-Supported Location-Based Services (Abstract)

Kirsi Virrantaus , Helsinki University of Technology
Henry Tirri , Helsinki University of Technology
Jari Veijalainen , University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland
Jouni Markkula , University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland
Artem Katanosov , University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland
Artem Garmash , University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland
Vagan Terziyan , University of Jyv?skyl?, Finland
pp. 0066
Data Analysis - Visualization

Intelligent Visual Data Analysis Service in the Internet (Abstract)

Andrienko Natalia , Fraunhofer Institute Autonomous Intelligent Systems
Andrienko Gennady , Fraunhofer Institute Autonomous Intelligent Systems
pp. 0085

Exploratory Geospatial Analysis Using GeoVISTA Studio: From a Desktop to the Web (Abstract)

Masahiro Takatsuka , The Pennsylvania State University
Mark N. Gahegan , The Pennsylvania State University
pp. 0092

Towards Geoservices Portals MEDIAMAPS: WGIS Trends for Business Applications (Abstract)

Olivier Ertz , Vaud School of Engineering
Daniel Rappo , Vaud School of Engineering
Stéphane Joost , MicroGIS Geomatics & Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
pp. 0102
Web Semantics Workshop

A Framework for a Multidimensional OLAP Model using Topic Maps (Abstract)

Robert M. Bruckner , Vienna University of Technology
A Min Tjoa , Vienna University of Technology
Tok Wang Ling , National University of Singapore
Oscar Mangisengi , National University of Singapore
pp. 0109

Making the VoiceWeb Smarter - Integrating Intelligent Component Technologies and VoiceXML (Abstract)

Markus Mittendorfer , Software Competence Center Hagenberg
Georg Niklfeld , Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien (ftw.)
pp. 0126

Web Metadata Semantics - On the Road to Well-Formed Topic Maps (Abstract)

Richard Widhalm , University of Vienna
Thomas A. Mueck , University of Vienna
pp. 0141

Persistent Topic Maps for Knowledge and Web Content Management (Abstract)

J. Küng , University of Linz
T. Luckeneder , University of Linz
K. Steiner , University of Linz
R.R. Wagner , University of Linz
W. Wöß , University of Linz
pp. 0151

Network Monitoring in Broadband Network (Abstract)

Zhang Shiyong , Fudan University in Shanghai
WuChengrong , Fudan University in Shanghai
Guo Wei , Fudan University in Shanghai
pp. 0171

Load Balancing Policies for Multiple Home Agents Mobile IP Networks (Abstract)

Adrian Vasilache , University of Tsukuba
Jie Li , University of Tsukuba
Hisao Kameda , University of Tsukuba
pp. 0178

Experimental Results on a Constrained Based Sequential Pattern Mining for Telecommunication Alarm Data (Abstract)

Jain-Zhi Ouh , National Taiwan University
Pei-Hsin Wu , National Taiwan University
Ming-Syan Chen , National Taiwan University
pp. 0186
Digital Library

Developing Digital Libraries for University Education - Tsinghua Architecture Digital Library Study (Abstract)

Zhou Lizhu , Tsinghua University
Xing Chunxiao , Tsinghua University
Luo Deyin , Tsinghua University
Qin Youguo , Tsinghua University
pp. 0197

The Design and Realization of E-Journals' Categorizing and Navigating System (Abstract)

Zhengrong Shao , University of Science and Technology of China
Gang Chen , University of Science and Technology of China
pp. 0202

A Scheme to Construct a Global File System (Abstract)

Han Hua , Peking University
Guo Chaoyang , Peking University
Dai Yafei , Peking University
Yue Bin , Peking University
Li Xiaoming , Peking University
pp. 0206
Activities in Japanese Universities

New Organizations for IT-related R&D at Osaka University (Abstract)

Masayuki Murata , Osaka University
Shojiro Nishio , Osaka University
pp. 0215
CS Education

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