The Community for Technology Leaders
Web Information Systems Engineering, International Conference on (2001)
Kyoto, Japan
Dec. 3, 2001 to Dec. 6, 2001
ISBN: 0-7695-1393-X
Invited Papers

Design and Implementation of a PKI-Based End-to-End Secure Infrastructure for Mobile E-Commerce (Abstract)

S. Chanson , Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
T. Cheung , Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
pp. 0003

Semantic Models for Knowledge Management (Abstract)

John Mylopoulos , University of Toronto
Raoul Jarvis , University of Toronto
Shun Zhou , University of Toronto
Gregory McArthur , University of Toronto
Patricia Rodriguez-Gianolli , University of Toronto
pp. 0008
Mediation and Ontology

Mediators over Ontology-Based Information Sources (Abstract)

Nicolas Spyratos , Universite de Paris-Sud
Panos Constantopoulos , University of Crete
Yannis Tzitzikas , University of Crete
pp. 0031

A Semantic Taxonomy-Based Personalizable Meta-Search Agent (Abstract)

Larry Kerschberg , George Mason University
Wooju Kim , Chonbuk National University
Anthony Scime , SUNY-Brockport
pp. 0041

A Consumer Scalable Anonymity Payment Scheme with Role-Based Access Control (Abstract)

Yanchuan Zhang , University of Tasmania
Jinli Cao , University of Southern Queensland
Hua Wang , University of Southern Queensland
pp. 0053

A 2-Phase Evaluation Model for Agent-Mediated Internet Marketplaces (Abstract)

Xiaolin Pang , National University of Singapore
Yan Wang , National University of Singapore
Jian Ren , National University of Singapore
Kian-Lee Tan , National University of Singapore
pp. 0063

A Flexible Workflow Model for Process-Oriented Applications (Abstract)

Christine Collet , University of Grenoble
Khalid Belhajjame , University of Grenoble
Genoveva Vargas-Solar , University of Zurich
pp. 0072

Digest Making Method Based on Turning Point Analysis (Abstract)

Atsushi Iizawa , Information Broadcasting Laboratories, Inc.
Takako Hashimoto , Information Broadcasting Laboratories, Inc.
Hiroyuki Kitagawa , University of Tsukuba
Yukari Shirota , Gakushuin University
pp. 0083

XML-Based Video Annotation System for Language Learning Environment (Abstract)

Yoneo Yano , Tokushima University
Yoshiaki Hada , Tokushima University
Hiroaki Ogata , Tokushima University
pp. 0102
Web Search

Use Link-Based Clustering to Improve Web Search Results (Abstract)

Masaru Kitsuregawa , The University of Tokyo
Yitong Wang , The University of Tokyo
pp. 0115

A Meta-Search Method Reinforced by Cluster Descriptors (Abstract)

Yipeng Shen , The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dik Lun Lee , The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
pp. 0125

An Edition Control Policy Model for Scientific Collaborative Databases (Abstract)

Robert Bossy , Laboratoire Informatique et Systematique
pp. 0134

An On-Line Sign Language Communication System (Abstract)

Tan Long Siau , Nanyang Technological University
Ling Li , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 0142
XML Data and Database Structures

XML Structures for Relational Data (Abstract)

Mong Li , National University of Singapore
Wenyue Du , National University of Singapore
Wang Ling , National University of Singapore
Lee Tok , National University of Singapore
pp. 0151

Mapping DTDs to Object-Oriented Schemas (Abstract)

Yangjun Chen , University of Winnipeg
Ron McFadyen , University of Winnipeg
Fungyee Chan , University of Winnipeg
pp. 0161

Designing Semistructured Databases Using ORA-SS Model (Abstract)

Mong Li Lee , National University of Singapore
Gillian Dobbie , University of Auckland
Tok Wang Ling , National University of Singapore
Xiaoying Wu , National University of Singapore
pp. 0171
XML Query Languages

Extension Mechanism in Extensible XML Query Language X2QL (Abstract)

Norihide Shinagawa , Chiba University
Hiroyuki Kitagawa , University of Tsukuba
pp. 0183

Observing Transaction-Time Semantics with TTXPath (Abstract)

Curtis E. Dyreson , Washington State University
pp. 0193

XForms in X-Smiles (Abstract)

Petri Vuorimaa , Helsinki University of Technology
Mikko Honkala , Helsinki University of Technology
pp. 0203

Design and Evaluation of an Example-Based Graphical Manipulation Framework for XML (Abstract)

Atsuyuki Morishima , Shibaura Institute of Technology
Hiroyuki Kitagawa , Shibaura Institute of Technology
pp. 0222
Web Information Retrieval and Classification

Support IR Query Refinement by Partial Keyword Set (Abstract)

Jeffrey Xu Yu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hanxiong Chen , University of Tsukuba
Kazutaka Furuse , University of Tsukuba
Nobuo Ohbo , University of Tsukuba
pp. 0245

A Rough Set-Based Hybrid Method to Text Categorization (Abstract)

Yongguang Bao , Nagoya Institute ofTechnology
Naohiro Ishii , Nagoya Institute ofTechnology
Kazutaka Yamada , Nagoya Institute ofTechnology
Xiaoyong Du , Renmin University of China
Satoshi Aoyama , Nagoya Institute ofTechnology
pp. 0254

Using Online Relevance Feedback to Build Effective Personalized Metasearch Engine (Abstract)

Zheng Weimin , Tsinghua University
Deng Xiaotie , City University of Hong Kong
Zhu Shanfeng , City University of Hong Kong
Chen Kang , Tsinghua University
pp. 0262
Web Mining

MOT: Memory Online Tracing of Web Information System (Abstract)

Xiaotie Deng , City University of Hong Kong
Dongsheng Wang , Tsinghua University
Kang Chen , Tsinghua University
Yun Mao , Tsinghua University
Weimin Zheng , Tsinghua University
pp. 0271

Fast Online Dynamic Association Rule Mining (Abstract)

Wee-Keong Ng , Nanyang Technological University
Yew-Kwong Woon , Nanyang Technological University
Amitabha Das , Nanyang Technological University
pp. 0278
Web Community Discovery

An Approach to Relate the Web Communities through Bipartite Graphs (Abstract)

P.Krishna Reddy , The University of Tokyo
Masaru Kitsuregawa , The University of Tokyo
pp. 0301
XML Publishing and Transformation

Authentic Publication of XML Document Data (Abstract)

April Kwong , University of California, Davis
Michael Gertz , University of California, Davis
pp. 0331

Using Weight-Controlled Token Matching to Extract Data from HTML Files (Abstract)

Wang Ling , National University of Singapore
Yan Xu Tok , National University of Singapore
pp. 0341

A Unified Framework for Data Translation over the Web (Abstract)

Paolo Atzeni , Universit? Roma Tre
Riccardo Torlone , Universit? Roma Tre
pp. 0350

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pp. 0359
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