The Community for Technology Leaders
Wireless Internet, International Conference on (2005)
Budapest, Hungary
July 10, 2005 to July 15, 2005
ISBN: 0-7695-2382-X
Session 6: Wireless Sensor Networks

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Keynote Speech: Architecture and Protocols in Wireless Networking
Session 1: Wireless MAC Protocols

A Comparison of HTB Based Channel-Aware Schedulers for 802.11 Systems (Abstract)

R. G. Garroppo , University of Pisa
S. Giordano , University of Pisa
S. Lucetti , University of Pisa
G. Risi , University of Pisa
pp. 2-9

On the Fidelity of IEEE 802.11 Commercial Cards (Abstract)

Antonio Di Stefano , Universita di Palermo
Alessandro Scaglione , Universita di Palermo
Giovanni Terrazzino , Universita di Palermo
Ilenia Tinnirello , Universita di Palermo
Vito Ammirata , Universita di Palermo
Luca Scalia , Universita di Palermo
Giuseppe Bianchi , Universita degli Studi di Roma - Tor Vergata
Costantino Giaconia , Universita di Palermo
pp. 10-17

SHUSH: Reactive Transmit Power Control for Wireless MAC Protocols (Abstract)

Anmol Sheth , University of Colorado, Boulder
Richard Han , University of Colorado, Boulder
pp. 18-25

Grouping Strategy for Solving Hidden Node Problem in IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPAN (Abstract)

Lain-Jinn Hwang , Tamkang University
Shiann-Tsong Sheu , Tamkang University
Yun-Yen Shih , Tamkang University
Yen-Chieh Cheng , Tamkang University
pp. 26-32
Session 2: Unicast and Multicast Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Issues in Wardrop Routing in Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Vivek Raghunathan , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
P. R. Kumar , University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
pp. 34-41

Optimized Multicast Based on Multipoint Relaying (Abstract)

Song Yean Cho , Samsung Electronic
C?dric Adjih , INRIA
pp. 42-46
Session 3: Handovers and Mobility Management

A Seamless Handoff Approach of Mobile IP Based on Dual-Link (Abstract)

Tan Min , Beijing University
Tian Lin , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Kang Jianchu , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
pp. 56-63

A Seamless Vertical Handoff Scheme (Abstract)

Rong-Jyh Kang , National Chiao Tung University
Hsung-Pin Chang , National Chung Hsing Univeristy
Ruei-Chuan Chang , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 64-71

The Mold Mobility Model for Mobile Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Shih-Tsung Liang , Taipei Municipal Teachers College
Wei-Hsueh Sheng , Da-Yeh University
pp. 79-84
Session 4: Security and Vulnerability in WLANs
Session 5: Performance Issues in Wireless Networks
Session 6: Wireless Sensor Networks

Efficient Deployment Algorithms for Ensuring Coverage and Connectivity ofWireless Sensor Networks (Abstract)

You-Chiun Wang , National Chiao Tung University
Chun-Chi Hu , National Chiao Tung University
Yu-Chee Tseng , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 114-121

Energy-Efficient Wakeup Scheduling for Maximizing Lifetime of IEEE 802.15.4 Networks (Abstract)

Diba Mirza , University of California, San Diego
Maryam Owrang , University of California, San Diego
Curt Schurgers , University of California, San Diego
pp. 130-137

Optimal Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks in the Energy and Latency Domains (Abstract)

M. Borghini , University of Rome
F. Cuomo , University of Rome
T. Melodia , University of Rome
U. Monaco , University of Rome
F. Ricciato , Telekommunikation Wien
pp. 138-145
Session 7: Congestion Control and QoS Support in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

Transmission of VoIP Traffic in Multihop Ad Hoc IEEE 802.11b Networks: Experimental Results (Abstract)

S. Armenia , University of Catania
L. Galluccio , University of Catania
A. Leonardi , University of Catania
S. Palazzo , University of Catania
pp. 148-155

Ad Hoc Probe: Path Capacity Probing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (Abstract)

Ling-Jyh Chen , University of California, Los Angeles
Tony Sun , University of California, Los Angeles
Guang Yang , University of California, Los Angeles
M. Y. Sanadidi , University of California, Los Angeles
Mario Gerla , University of California, Los Angeles
pp. 156-163

Cross-Layer Congestion Control in Multi-hop Wireless Local Area Networks (Abstract)

Dzmitry Kliazovich , DIT - University of Trento
Fabrizio Granelli , DIT - University of Trento
pp. 164-171

TCP-ELN: On the Protocol Aspects and Performance of Explicit Loss Notification for TCP over Wireless Networks (Abstract)

Gergo Buchholcz , Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Thomas Ziegler , Tech Gate Vienna
Tien Van Do , Budapest University of Technology and Economics
pp. 172-179
Session 8: Next Generation Wireless Services and Networks

Evaluation of MPEG-4 Video Streaming over UMTS/WCDMA Dedicated Channels (Abstract)

Anthony Lo , Delft University of Technology
Geert Heijenk , University of Twente
Ignas Niemegeers , Delft University of Technology
pp. 182-189

Large-Scale RTT Measurements from an Operational UMTS/GPRS Network (Abstract)

Francesco Vacirca , Telecommunications Research Center Vienna
Fabio Ricciato , Telecommunications Research Center Vienna
Rene? Pilz , Telecommunications Research Center Vienna
pp. 190-197

Multimedia Messaging Service: System Description and Performance Analysis (Abstract)

Majid Ghaderi , University of Waterloo, Waterloo
Srinivasan Keshav , University of Waterloo, Waterloo
pp. 198-205

Twin-Object Platform: A Generic Proxy-based System for Communication Customization in Mobile Computing (Abstract)

Tzu-Chi Huang , National Cheng Kung University
Ce-Kuen Shieh , National Cheng Kung University
Yu-Ben Miao , Industrial Technology Research Institute
pp. 206-213
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