The Community for Technology Leaders
12th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE'05) (2005)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov. 7, 2005 to Nov. 11, 2005
ISSN: 1095-1350
ISBN: 0-7695-2474-5

Keynote speakers (PDF)

pp. xv-xvii

Committees (PDF)

pp. xiii-xiv
Transformation and Symbolic Representation

Search-Based Amorphous Slicing (Abstract)

Deji Fatiregun , King?s College London
Mark Harman , King?s College London
Robert M. Hierons , Brunel University
pp. 3-12

Reengineering C++ Component Models via Automatic Program Transformation (Abstract)

Robert L. Akers , Semantic Designs Inc.
Ira D. Baxter , Semantic Designs Inc.
Michael Mehlich , Semantic Designs Inc.
Brian J. Ellis , The Boeing Company
Kenn R. Luecke , The Boeing Company
pp. 13-22

Symbolic Interpretation of Legacy Assembly Language (Abstract)

Jacques Carette , McMaster University
Pulak Kumar Chowdhury , McMaster University
pp. 23-32

Enhancing Security Using Legality Assertions (Abstract)

Lei Wang , Queen's University
James R. Cordy , Queen's University
Thomas R. Dean , Queen's University
pp. 35-44

Deobfuscation: Reverse Engineering Obfuscated Code (Abstract)

Sharath K. Udupa , University of Arizona
Saumya K. Debray , University of Arizona
Matias Madou , Ghent University
pp. 45-54
Architecture Recovery

Architecture Recovery and Abstraction from the Perspective of Processes (Abstract)

Li Qingshan , XiDian University
Chu Hua , XiDian University
Hu Shengming , XiDian University
Chen Ping , XiDian University
Zhao Yun , XiDian University
pp. 57-66

Source versus Object Code Extraction for Recovering Software Architecture (Abstract)

Ahmed E. Hassan , University of Waterloo
Zhen Ming Jiang , University of Waterloo
Richard C. Holt , University of Waterloo
pp. 67-76

Multiple Layer Clustering of Large Software Systems (Abstract)

Bill Andreopoulos , York University
Aijun An , York University
Vassilios Tzerpos , York University
Xiaogang Wang , York University
pp. 79-88

Equipping the Reflexion Method with Automated Clustering (Abstract)

Andreas Christl , University of Stuttgart
Rainer Koschke , University of Bremen
Margaret-Anne Storey , University of Victoria
pp. 89-98

Capturing Nontrivial Concerns in Object-Oriented Software (Abstract)

Mircea Trifu , Forschungszentrum Informatik
Volker Kuttruff , Forschungszentrum Informatik
pp. 99-108
Management and Applications

Estimating the Costs of a Reengineering Project (Abstract)

Harry M. Sneed , Anecon GmbH and University of Regensburg
pp. 111-119

Asset Recovery and Their Incorporation into Product Lines (Abstract)

Jens Knodel , Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
Isabel John , Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
Dharmalingam Ganesan , Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
Martin Pinzger , University of Zurich
Fernando Usero , Abengoa, Telvent
Jose L. Arciniegas , Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Claudio Riva , Nokia Research Center
pp. 120-129
Analysis of Source Code Identifiers

Enriching Reverse Engineering with Semantic Clustering (Abstract)

Adrian Kuhn , University of Berne
Stéphane Ducasse , University of Berne
Tudor Gîrba , University of Berne
pp. 133-142

When Functions Change Their Names: Automatic Detection of Origin Relationships (Abstract)

Sunghun Kim , University of California at Santa Cruz
Kai Pan , University of California at Santa Cruz
E. James Whitehead, Jr. , University of California at Santa Cruz
pp. 143-152
Reverse Engineering Object-Oriented Systems

Diagnosing Design Problems in Object Oriented Systems (Abstract)

Adrian Trifu , FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
Radu Marinescu , "Politehnica" University Timişoara
pp. 155-164

Design Pattern Detection in Eiffel Systems (Abstract)

Wei Wang , York University
Vassilios Tzerpos , York University
pp. 165-174

Mappings for Accurately Reverse Engineering UML Class Models from C++ (Abstract)

Andrew Sutton , Kent State University
Jonathan I. Maletic , Kent State University
pp. 175-184
Representations and Schemas

Boxology of NBA and TA: A Basis for Understanding Software Architecture (Abstract)

Andrew J. Malton , University of Waterloo
Richard C. Holt , University of Waterloo
pp. 187-195

Toward an Infrastructure to Support Interoperability in Reverse Engineering (Abstract)

Nicholas A. Kraft , Clemson University
Brian A. Malloy , Clemson University
James F. Power , National University of Ireland
pp. 196-205
Source Code Browsing

Semantic Navigation of Large Code Bases in Higher-Order, Dynamically Typed Languages (Abstract)

S. Alexander Spoon , Georgia Institute of Technology
Olin Shivers , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 219-228

Reengineering towards Product Lines (R2PL 2005) (PDF)

Bas Graaf , Delft University of Technology
Liam O?Brien , Software Engineering Institute
Rafael Capilla , Rey Juan Carlos University
pp. 231

Workshop on Program Comprehension through Dynamic Analysis (PCODA ?05) (PDF)

Orla Greevy , University of Bern
Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj , University of Ottawa
Andy Zaidman , University of Antwerp
pp. 232

Workshop on Code Based Software Security Assessments (CoBaSSA 2005) (PDF)

Leon Moonen , Delft Univ. of Technology श CWI
Leon Moonen , Delft Univ. of Technology & CWI
pp. 233

RETR: Reverse Engineering to Requirements (PDF)

Yiyun Yu , University of Toronto
John Mylopoulos , University of Toronto
Yiqiao Wang , University of Toronto
Sotirios Liaskos , University of Toronto
Alexei Lapouchnian , University of Toronto
Ying Zou , Queen's University
Martin Littou , IBM Canada
pp. 234
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