The Community for Technology Leaders
Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium (1995)
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Mar. 11, 1995 to Mar. 15, 1995
ISBN: 0-8186-7084-3
pp: 136
A. Smith , ATR Commun. Syst. Res. Labs., Kyoto, Japan
Y. Kitamura , ATR Commun. Syst. Res. Labs., Kyoto, Japan
H. Takemura , ATR Commun. Syst. Res. Labs., Kyoto, Japan
F. Kishino , ATR Commun. Syst. Res. Labs., Kyoto, Japan
INSPEC Accession Number: 4917989 Abstract: We propose an accurate collision detection algorithm for use in virtual reality applications. The algorithm works for three-dimensional graphical environments where multiple objects, represented as polyhedra (boundary representation), are undergoing arbitrary motion (translation and rotation). The algorithm can be used directly for both convex and concave objects and objects can be deformed (non-rigid) during motion. The algorithm works efficiently by first reducing the number of face pairs that need to be checked accurately for interference by first localizing possible collision regions using bounding box and spatial subdivision techniques; face pairs that remain after this pruning stage are then accurately checked for interference. The algorithm is efficient, simple to implement, and does not require any memory intensive auxiliary data structures to be precomputed and updated. Since polyhedral shape representation is one of the most common shape representation schemes, this algorithm should be useful to a wide audience. Performance results are given to show the efficiency of the proposed method.
virtual reality; interference; computational complexity; computational geometry; accurate collision detection algorithm; deformable polyhedral objects; arbitrary motion; virtual reality applications; three-dimensional graphical environments; multiple objects; polyhedra; boundary representation; translation; rotation; concave objects; convex objects; face pairs; interference; bounding box technique; spatial subdivision technique; pruning stage; polyhedral shape representation; performance results

F. Kishino, Y. Kitamura, A. Smith and H. Takemura, "A simple and efficient method for accurate collision detection among deformable polyhedral objects in arbitrary motion," Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium(VRAIS), Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 1995, pp. 136.
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