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Visual Languages, IEEE Symposium on (2000)
Seattle, Washington
Sept. 10, 2000 to Sept. 13, 2000
ISSN: 1049-2615
ISBN: 0-7695-0840-5

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Session I: Software and Information Visualization 1

High-Level Static and Dynamic Visualization of Software Architectures (Abstract)

John Grundy , University of Auckland
John Hosking , University of Auckland
pp. 5

Implementation of a Constraint-Based Visualization System (Abstract)

Isabel F. Cruz , Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Peter S. Leveille , The Mitre Corporation
pp. 13
Session II: Visual Query Languages

A Mosaic-Based Query Language for Video Databases (Abstract)

J. Assfalg , University of Florence
A. Del Bimbo , University of Florence
M. Hirakawa , Hiroshima University
pp. 31

A Visual Language for XML (Abstract)

Martin Erwig , Oregon State University
pp. 47
Session III: Poster Presentations

VOODE/VOOPL-1: The Visual Construction of CORBA Components (Abstract)

Paul Luker , De Montfort University
Frank Bühler , De Montfort University
Mike Callaghan , De Montfort University
pp. 61

CAILS: A Prototype for a Computer Assisted Iconic Language System (Abstract)

Martin David , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Bernard Champoux , ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories
Alain Huot , McGill University
pp. 235

Incorporating Image Segmentations into a Visual Query Language for Content-Based Image Retrieval (Abstract)

Fabio Lecca , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
Luigi Cinque , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
Steven Tanimoto , University of Washington
Stefano Levialdi , University of Rome ?La Sapienza?
pp. 233

Visual Representation of Procedural Knowledge (Abstract)

Roger Hartley , New Mexico State University
Heather Pfeiffer , New Mexico State University
pp. 63

Towards Generic Rule-Based Visual Programming (Abstract)

Berthold Hoffmann , Universit?t Bremen
Mark Minas , Universit?t Erlangen-N?rnberg
pp. 65

Improving Readability in a Visual Language with a VLSI-Like Approach (Abstract)

Hidenori Yoshizumi , University of Geneva
Honitriniela Randriamparany , University of Geneva
Bertrand Ibrahim , University of Geneva
pp. 69

A Pattern-Based Generator for Implementation of Visual Languages (Abstract)

Matthias T. Jung , University of Paderborn
Uwe Kastens , University of Paderborn
Carsten Schmidt , University of Paderborn
Christian Schindler , University of Paderborn
pp. 71

A Hybrid Reasoning System with Diagrams and Sentences (Abstract)

Hajime Sawamura , Niigata University
Kensuke Kiyozuka , Niigata University
pp. 73

Visual Construction of Algebraic Specifications (Abstract)

Duncan S. Neary , University of Liverpool
Martin R. Woodward , University of Liverpool
pp. 79

Composing Motion Grammar of Kinetic Typography (Abstract)

Yasufumi Uekita , University of Tsukuba
Masahiko Furukata , International Media Research Foundation
Junji Sakamoto , University of Tsukuba
pp. 91

Promoting Scalability in a Concurrent Visual Language (Abstract)

David Jackson , University of Liverpool
Michelle Usher , University of Liverpool
pp. 93

Structured Interactive Animation for Multimedia Documents (Abstract)

Michalis Vazirgiannis , Athens University of Economics & Business
Dan Vodislav , CNAM / CEDRIC
pp. 95

AR-Browser: Active Reading for WWW Contents (Abstract)

Atsuo Yoshitaka , Hiroshima University
Tomokazu Uehara , Hiroshima University
Tadao Ichikawa , Hiroshima University
Masahito Hirakawa , Hiroshima University
pp. 99
Session IV: Theory of Visual Languages

Extended Positional Grammars (Abstract)

Giuseppe Polese , Universit? di Salerno
Gennaro Costagliola , Universit? di Salerno
pp. 103

Projections in Venn-Euler Diagrams (Abstract)

John Howse , University of Brighton
Stuart Kent , University of Kent at Canterbury
John Taylor , University of Brighton
Joseph (Yossi) Gil , Technion-IIT
pp. 119

SD2: A Sound and Complete Diagrammatic Reasoning System (Abstract)

John Taylor , University of Brighton
Fernando Molina , University of Brighton
John Howse , University of Brighton
pp. 127
Session V: Visual Language Design Issues

Time in Grid-Oriented VPLs: Just Another Dimension? (Abstract)

Nanyu Cao , Oregon State University
Margaret Burnett , Oregon State University
John Atwood , Oregon State University
pp. 137

Principled Design of Visual Languages for Interaction (Abstract)

P. Mussio , Universit? di Brescia
M. Matera , Politecnico di Milano
M.F. Costabile , Universit? di Bari
P. Bottoni , Universit? di Roma ?La Sapienza?
S. Levialdi , Universit? di Roma ?La Sapienza?
pp. 145
Session VI: Evaluation of Visual Languages

Tabular and Textual Methods for Selecting Objects from a Group (Abstract)

Brad A. Myers , Carnegie Mellon University
John F. Pane , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 157

Formal Comparisons of Program Modification (Abstract)

B. Khazaei , Sheffield Hallam University
J.I. Siddiqi , Sheffield Hallam University
C.R. Roast , Sheffield Hallam University
pp. 165

Using the Cognitive Walkthrough to Improve the Design of a Visual Programming Experiment (Abstract)

T.R.G. Green , University of Leeds
A.J. Ko , Oregon State University
C.R. Cook , Oregon State University
M.M. Burnett , Oregon State University
K.J. Rothermel , Oregon State University
J. Schonfeld , Oregon State University
pp. 172
Session VII: Software and Information Visualization 2

Language-Agnostic Program Rendering for Presentation, Debugging and Visualization (Abstract)

Todd A. Proebsting , Microsoft Research
Christian S. Collberg , University of Arizona
Sean Davey , University of Arizona
pp. 183

Visualizing the Structure of Object-Oriented Systems (Abstract)

Trent Hill , Macquarie University
John Potter , University of New South Wales
James Noble , Victoria University of Wellington
pp. 191

Visualizing the Synchronization of Java-Threads with UML (Abstract)

Katharina Mehner , University of Paderborn
Annika Wagner , University of Paderborn
pp. 199
Session VIII: Domain-Specific Visual Languages

A Common Framework for Input, Processing, and Output in a Rule-Based Visual Language (Abstract)

Bernardo Margolis , New Mexico State University
Rick L. Vinyard Jr , New Mexico State University
Joseph J. Pfeiffer Jr , New Mexico State University
pp. 217
Session IX: Awards and Closing Keynote

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