The Community for Technology Leaders
Visual Languages, IEEE Symposium on (1998)
Nova Scotia, Canada
Sept. 1, 1998 to Sept. 4, 1998
ISSN: 1049-2615
ISBN: 0-8186-8712-6

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Session I: Visual Language Theory

On the Specification of Dynamic Visual Languages (Abstract)

P. Bottoni , Universit? La Sapienza
S. Levialdi , Universit? La Sapienza
S.-K. Chang , University of Pittsburgh
M.F. Costabile , Universit? di Bari
P. Mussio , Universita' di Brescia
pp. 14
Session II: Graph Issues 1

A Graph Rewriting Programming Language for Graph Drawing (Abstract)

P.J. Rodgers , University of Kent at Canterbury
pp. 32
Session III: Graph Issues 2

Competitive Learning of Network Diagram Layout (Abstract)

Bernd Meyer , University of Munich
pp. 56
Poster Presentations

An Iconic Environment for the definition of Visual DBMSs (Abstract)

Monica Sebillo , Universita' degli Studi di Salerno
Genoveffa Tortora , Universita' degli Studi di Salerno
Giuliana Vitiello , Universita' degli Studi di Salerno
pp. 68

A Concurrent Visual Language Based on Petri Nets (Abstract)

Michelle Usher , University of Liverpool
David Jackson , University of Liverpool
pp. 72

Integrity Constraints in the multi-paradigm language PROGRES (Abstract)

M. Muench , University of Southampton
A. Schuerr , Universitaet der Bundeswehr
A. Winter , RWTH Aachen
pp. 84
Session IV: The Web & Browsers

Public Programming in a Web World (Abstract)

Allen Ambler , The University of Kansas
Jennifer Leopold , The University of Kansas
pp. 100

Situation-dependent Browser to Explore the Information Space (Abstract)

Masahito Hirakawa , Hiroshima University
Priyantha Hewagamage , Hiroshima University
Tadao Ichikawa , Hiroshima University
pp. 108
Session V: Declarative Languages

Fluid Visualization of Spreadsheet Structures (Abstract)

Takeo Igarashi , University of Tokyo
Jock D. Mackinlay , Xerox PARC
Bay-Wei Chang , Xerox PARC
Polle T. Zellweger , Xerox PARC
pp. 118
Session VI: Parallel & Distributed Systems

A Visual Development Environment for Parallel Applications (Abstract)

Philip T. Cox , Dalhousie University
Hugh Glaser , University of Southampton
Stuart D. Maclean , University of Southampton
pp. 144

DVispatch: A Visual Language with Distributed Rewriting (Abstract)

Kenji Miyamoto , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Yasunori Harada , Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
pp. 152
Session VII: Visual Querying

VISCO: Bringing Visual Spatial Querying to Reality (Abstract)

Michael Wessel , University of Hamburg
Volker Haarslev , University of Hamburg
pp. 170
Session VIII: Visual Languages 1

Iconic System with Extension Mechanism (Abstract)

Shingo Yamaguchi , Yamaguchi University
Minoru Tanaka , Yamaguchi University
Satoru Morita , Yamaguchi University
pp. 180

Designing Mixed Textual and Iconic Programming Languages for Novice Users (Abstract)

Cyndi Rader , University of Colorado
Gina Cherry , University of Colorado
Cathy Brand , University of Colorado
Alexander Repenning , University of Colorado
Clayton Lewis , University of Colorado
pp. 187
Session IX: Robots & Psychology

Visual Programming for Robot Control (Abstract)

Philip T. Cox , Dalhousie University
Trevor J. Smedley , Dalhousie University
pp. 217
Session X: Complex Visualizations

Visual Specification of Multi-View Visual Environments (Abstract)

J.C. Grundy , University of Waikato
W.B. Mugridge , University of Auckland
J.G. Hosking , University of Auckland
pp. 236
Session XI: Visual Languages 2

Visual Patterns + Multi-Focus Fisheye View: An Automatic Scalable Visualization Technique of Data-Flow Visual Program Execution (Abstract)

Buntarou Shizuki , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masashi Toyoda , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Etsuya Shibayama , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shin Takahashi , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 270
Session XII: Multimedia Systems

Visual Tools for a Multimedia IC Development Environment (MICE) (Abstract)

T. Arndt , University of Pittsburgh
S.-K. Chang , Cleveland State University
A. Guercio , Universita_ di Salerno,
pp. 296

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